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Rojone has been in the connector business since 1978. We are experts in our field, stocking over 40,000 line items manufactured by leading international military and professional connector manufacturers such as Radiall, Times Microwave, Pasternack, Trompeter and Tajimi as well as designs specifically created by Rojone for unique customer applications. Rojone not only sells quality connectors, we offer an expert value added termination service, providing our clients with quick turn-around custom flexible or semi-rigid cable assemblies, manufactured by qualified IPC trained technicians, delivered 100% tested and ready to use.


AM/FM Connectors

file_pdf RO-AMFM62MSS – AM/FM Car Antenna Plug

Between-Series Adaptors

file_pdf 4.3-10 – In Series & Selection of Between Series Adaptors
RO-BNCF-MCXM – BNC Female to MCX Male Adaptor
RO-BNCF-NFBH – BNC Female to N Female Bulkhead Adaptor
RO-716F-NF -DIN 7/16 Female to N Female Adaptor
RO-716M-NM – DIN 7/16 Male to N Male Adaptor
RO-NF-SMAMB – N Female to SMA Male Bulkhead Adaptor
RO-NF-SMAMRA – N Female to SMA Right Angle Male Adaptor
RO-SMAM-TNCM – SMA Male to TNC Male Adaptor

BNC Connectors

file_pdf RO-BNC141FBH – BNC Female Bulkhead Solder, suit EZ141 0.141? Semi Rigid Coax Cable
RO-BNC75FPCB – BNC Female PCB Mount, 75 Ohms
RO-BNC240FBC – BNC Female Bulkhead Crimp, suit LMR-240

DIN 7/16 Connectors

file_pdf RO-716F-F – DIN 7/16 Female to Female Adaptor
RO-716F45716F – 45° DIN 7/16 Female to Female Adaptor
RO-716F45716M – 45° DIN 7/16 Female to Male Adaptor
RO-716MCAPxxx – DIN 7/16 Series Male Dust Cap, available in Aluminium, Brass and Stainless

MMCX Connectors

file_pdf RO-MMCX174MC – MMCX Male Crimp, suit RG-174

N Connectors

file_pdf RO-NFSQFLSP – N Female Square Flange Receptacle
RO-N174FBC – N Female Bulkhead Climp, suit RG174
RO-N213MC – N Male Clamp Captive Contact, suit RG213
RO-N400MC – N Male Crimp, suit LMR-400 series, Belden 9913 & 9914
RO-N400MEZS – N Male Ezi Fit Solder Clamp, suit LMR-400
RO-N240MRAC – N Male Right Angle Crimp, suit LMR-240
RO-NF-M – N In-Series Male to Female Low PIM Adaptor
RO-NF-MRA – N In-Series Male to Female Right Angle Low PIM Adaptor

QN Series

file_pdf RO-QN400MRA – QN Series Right Angle Male Crimp Plugs for LMR400 Series Cables

SMA Connectors

file_pdf RO-SMAFBR-SMAFR – SMA Female Bulkhead Reverse to SMA Female Reverse Adaptor
RO-SMA174MRC – SMA Male Reverse Crimp, suit RG174
RO-SMAM-F-F – SMA Male to SMA Female T-Adaptor
RO-SMAMCAC – SMA Male Protective Cap with Chain

TNC Connectors

file_pdf RO-TNCFR-FRB – TNC Female Reverse to TNC Female Reverse Bulkhead Adaptor
RO-TNCF-MRA – TNC Female to Male Right Angle Adaptor
RO-TNC174FBC – TNC Female Bulkhead Crimp, suit LMR100 Series, M17-152, RG174, RG188, RG316 cables

TS9 Connectors

file_pdf RO-TS9174MC TS9 Male Crimp, suit RG174
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