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Installation Accessories

Installation Accessories


Rojone manufactures and represents a number of supporting accessories for its cable, connector and antenna range.






Weather Sealing Kit

Times Microwave’s Self-Bonding Silicone Tape is a cost effective, labour saving alternative to traditional Vinyl Mastic and Butyl Rubber sealing kits.

TC-WK-S-1 – Self-Bonding Silicone Tape (5 metres)

Self Amalgamating Tape

Scapa Self amalgamating tapes are rubber based, extremely versatile materials that are non-tacky making them very easy to use and apply. Moisture protection and electrical insulation for various applications in addition to acting as protection against corrosion on joints and welds.

HE-23-19 – Scotch 23 Rubber Self Bonding Electrical Tape (19mm)

HE-23-25 – Scotch 23 Rubber Self Bonding Electrical Tape (25mm)

HE-33-19 – Scotch Brand Super 33+ All Weather Vinyl Insulating Tape (19mm)

Stainless Steel Braiding (Armour)

AISI 304 Stainless Steel wire thatched braid, from 7mm to 300mm circular bore, various wire thicknesses, lengths available up to 100mtrs.


Heatshrink Moulded Shapes

Heat Shrinkable Moulded Shapes, Endcaps and breakouts, adhesive lined and unlined. 2-way up to 6-way Outlet Shapes. 90° and 45° angle boots, Transitions, Y-outlets, VG-style shapes. End caps and breakouts for low voltage applications, two component epoxy adhesive and hot melt adhesive tape.

Non Shrinkable – Tubing

Insulation tubing and sleeving, made from Chloroprene (CR), Polyvinylchloride (PVC), Polyolefin (PO), Polytetrafluoroethylene (PTFE) or Silicone (SI) as well as Hellerine lubricating oil for rubber and plastic sleeves.

Cable Ties & Fixings

HE-Series Cable Ties – Available in High Yield Strength PA66 Plastic and 316 Grade Stainless Steel.

Cable Ties Inside Serrated – Plastic cable ties are suitable for bundling and fixing of cables, lines and hoses. Available in different remarks, materials, lengths and colours.
Cable Ties Outside Serrated – Outside serrated cable ties are particularly suitable for bundling and fixing of sensitive bundle property. Available in different remarks, materials, lengths and colours.
Releasable Cable Ties – Releasable cable ties can be processed and offered very simply. They are an optimal solution for temporary fixings. Available in different remarks, materials, lengths and colours.
Cable Ties without serration – The robust cable ties without serration of the KR- and EL-TY-Series offer a high retaining strength and are suitable for cables and lines with large diameters.
Cable Ties for Direct Fixation – Cable ties for direct fixing are characterised by simple handling to bundling and fixing of cables and lines in a processing step.
Stainless Steel Cable Ties – Stainless steel cable ties can be used in the most arduous of conditions or where additional strength, security and fire resistance is required.
Fixing Ties – Optimal fixing solutions for each cause offer the fixing ties in different remarks, materials, lengths and colours.
Cable Tie Mounts – Cable Tie Mounts are available in either screw or self-adhesive mounting. Different sizes and designs offer a secure fixing with a wide variety of cable ties.
Fixing Elements – A wide variety of fixing elements offer a direct fixation in holes of a panel or at the edges.
Clips and Clamps – A multiplicity of clips and clamps of plastic, aluminium or steel also with protection profile. Snappers and Klam clips.