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Masts Overview

The Hilomast has been designed and manufactured for more than 30 years, during this time there has been a continuous policy of improving and upgrading products to meet current demands. The new addition of non-locking range of the Hilomast lends itself to those applications where access to the vehicle roof is not available and results in the mast being quicker and easier to deploy. Every mast is fully tested to relevant international standards maintaining high quality and reliability.

NH Series Masts


Hilomast Specification

The Hilomast range of pneumatic telescopic masts is approved to the rigorous international Mil Std 810E environmental standard for operation and storage, including low pressure (high altitude) operation. Hilomast believe their range of Mil Std masts offer the widest choice available on the world market with extended heights from 5 to 30 metres and with trailer mounted, transportable and vehicle mounted options. The investment in Mil Std 810E by South Midlands Communications Group, combined with installation, design and customisation service, has allowed the company to become a major player in the international defence and security communications market. SMC’s capability to design complete communications systems integrating Hilomast has secured major military contracts, offering the establishment of reliable, easy to use long range communications.