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Rojone offers a range of in-house designed amplifiers specifically designed for unique applications and customer requirements.

Here are a selection of Rojone custom designed amplifiers for recently completed projects.

Low Noise Amplifiers

902-928 MHz, 18dB Gain, SMA LNA with Automatic Level Control – AMA-3121

902-928 MHz, 10dB Gain, SMA Power Amplifier – AMA-3122

1000-3000MHz, 15dB Gain, SMA Instrument LNA – AMA-3310-15S

1100 to 1300MHz, 17dB Gain, SMA LNA – AMA-3301-15-SMA

1220-1700 MHz, 30dB Gain, SMA Booster Amplifier – AMA-061B

AMA-061 Series GPS Amplifiers

GPS Amplifier

AMA -061 Series GPS Amplifier & DC Feed L1 and L1/L2
Developed exclusively for GPS applications, Rojone’s Amplifiers and DC Feed are high performance devices designed to boost GPS signals for long range transmission or to overcome noisy environments.  They can also be used as D Feeds for GPS antennas.  The DC thru can be regulated or bypassed to the antenna for 5V systems.

Tower Top Amplifiers/Receivers

700-1000 MHz Tower Top Amplifiers by Sinclair Tech USA
TM4 Low-Loss Tower Top Amp/Receiver Multicoupler

UHF & Tetra Tower Top Amplifiers by Sinclair Tech USA
TM3 Low-Loss Tower Top Amp/Receiver Multicoupler