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Military Circular Connectors

Military Circular Connectors

Rojone has been sourcing and supplying Military Circular Multipin connectors since we established in 1981.  In addition, Rojone is able to custom manufacture cable looms to your specifications within our Ingleburn NSW plant.


Download Mil Circular Series catalogues below

Mil-C-5015 Series Connectors
Developed in 1939, the Mil-C 5015 series is one of the oldest connector ranges still on the market today.  This series is classed as a general duties connector, commonly referred to as power connectors.  The contact selection accommodates a range of wire sizes #0 to #16 American wire gauges, with 6 operating voltages.

Main Characteristics – Material & Finish Aluminium alloy, olive drab.
Crimp & Solder versions are available, standard connector is screw/spin coupling although the range, part numbers suffixed with the letter “B” is a specialised 3 Lug bayonet coupling version.  This range is environmentally resistant with a temperature range -55 to +125 Degrees C.  A full range of dust caps, special contacts and back shells are also available.

MIL-C-26482 Series 1 & 2 Connectors
Series 1 MS3100 to MS3119 are solder type, cost effective, general duty connectors.  Series 2 are crimp, rear release connectors, ideal for more demanding applications requiring a higher temperature range of 175 to 200 Degrees C, fluid resistance, including the W Class with 500 hours salt spray.  There are a range of conductive & non-conductive finishes as well as hermetic sealed options.

MIL-C-38999 Series 1, 2, 3 & 4 Connectors
The Mil-C-38999 series of connectors were designed for both performance & mechanical robustness to meet a variety of demanding applications; Military, Aerospace, Ballistic Missile & Weapon Systems, and Marine Equipment.

Common features applied to the D38999 family are compact size & weight, common mounting cut-outs, standard insert arrangements.  Contacts, crimp tools, insertion/removal tools, sealing plus and assembly techniques are all standard across the whole MIL-C-38999 connector series.

The D38999 series offers excellent EMI Shielding up to 90dB, high durability with over 500 mating cycles, sine & random vibration specifications, firewall & scoop proof options.Series 1 & 2 are Bayonet coupling connectors, with Series 3 & 4 being screw coupling mating versions.