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GPS Over Fibre


The GPS Over Fiber Link by Optical Zonu provides a simple, cost-effective and reliable RF connection between the GPS antenna and receivers where coaxial cable is impractical. Each link is wideband and supports any of the global GPS frequencies – current or future. The high dynamic range of the system ensures a transparent pass-through with no distortion. A low noise pre-amplifier ensures a margin on signal-to-noise ratio while keeping the signal in the most linear operating Range of the Fiber optic link. The unit housing is a compact IP-50 enclosure. The link supports one GPS antenna. A Built-in Bias-T provides the needed DC power for the active GPS antenna. While the Optical Zonu GPS Fiber Transport Link can be used for point-to-point applications, the link may also be optically split into 8 ways to provide cost-effective GPS distribution to multiple locations over lightweight Fiber cable. In addition, the receiver is available with either one or two RF outputs.

These linear RFoF Transceivers provide an excellent alternative to coaxial cable for distances from 100m to over 10 km. The standard optical connector is the SC/ APC (FC/APC is also available) for low back reflection. This, along with the integrated optical isolator, helps guarantee transparent transport without additive Noise or spurious signals.
The laser diode is an uncooled device that provides stable operation over the entire ambient Operating Temperature Range of –20 °C to +65 °C. Average Automatic Power Control (AAPC) is utilised for optimal optical power stability over the full temperature range.

The RF interface is a 50? SMA connector, and the Alarm and Monitoring Functions are available through a DB9 connector. The standard unit requires +12 VDC power between pins 4 and 5 of the DB9 connector.

The BiasT option +5V or +12V is for powering the Amplifier inside the GPS Antenna. Optical Transmitter monitors ensure the GPS is functioning correctly and if NOT, it optically reports the condition to the GPS optical receiver by blinking the light ON/OFF. The OZ600 Receiver has a built-in active DC Antenna load which goes high impedance if there is a Fibre fault or remote Antenna failure condition.


  • Supports GNSS, Galileo, GLONASS
  • -20ºC to +65ºC TOP Range
  • Provides +5 VDC DC Bias for the GPS Antenna
  • No RF Sensitivity Impact
  • Patented Optical Antenna Alarm Reporting
  • 20 dB Gain Supports Optical Splitting for GPS Distribution 
  • Laser Conforms to Class 1 Emission Level and IEC-825 (EN 60825) standard