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Mounting Brackets, Bases & Leads

Mounting Brackets, Bases & Leads

A-MINEBKT-1 Tropos Mine Bracket

A-752-B Black Bull Bar Bracket

A-794 Bracket Bull Max

A-751 HF & VHF Black Antenna Mounting Base

A-753 UHF Black Antenna Mounting Base

A-795-SS Stainless Steel Mounting Bracket – to suit A-960-NF Omni Directional 2.45GHz N Female connectorised miniature dome antenna for digital mobile data communications

A-MAG12C Magnetic Mount Base, Lead & UHF PL259 Plug Assembly

A-602392 Galvanised Mast Extension Mounting Kit

API-EB1-SS Stainless Steel U Bolt 13.5 cm Deep Parallel Clamp Brackets 20-50mm round

A-Y-BKT Vertical Antenna Mount

A-607-SS L Antenna Mounting Bracket with Screws