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Yagi (Beam) Antennas

snip (9)A Yagi antenna is a directional antenna consisting of a driven element such as dipole or folded dipole,  a parasitic elements,  a reflector and one or more directors.
A Yagi antenna is used for distance communications, typically 4 to 8 Km point to point.

A-Y3-3 UHF 400-520MHz, 6dB 3 Element Yagi Antenna

A-Y3-6 UHF 400-520MHz 6 Element Yagi Antenna.

A-Y3-9 UHF 400-520 MHz 9 Element Yagi Antenna

A-Y46 UHF 400-520MHz, BW6%, 9dBd Forward Gain Stainless Steel Yagi Antenna

A-Y470-625-12DBI Yagi wideband antenna, 12dBi gain, 470-625 MHz.

SY303 Yagi directional antenna, 6.5 dBd gain, 380-475 MHz.

SY307 Yagi directional antenna, 10 dBd gain, black anodized, 340-512 MHz.

SY3072 Yagi directional antenna, 12.5 dBd gain, dual, black anodized, 340-512 MHz.

SY3074 Yagi directional antenna, 15 dBd gain, black anodized, quad, 340-512 MHz.

SY307R Yagi directional antenna, 10 dBd gain, radome enclosed, HD, 406-470 MHz.

SY350 Yagi directional antenna, 7 dBd gain, broad band, 406-512 MHz.


Yagi Antennas 700-1000MHz Antenna

The Yagi antenna range is robustly constructed to be high performance for critical and remote installations.

They are manufactured either from 6060TS grade aluminums alloy and powder coated, or from 316 grade stainless steel, with all antenna’s being TIG & MIG welded.

6 Element A-Y4-6 700-1000Mhz, 930MHz Typical, 80MHz BW, 9dBd Forward Gain Yagi Antenna

9 Element A-Y4-9 700-1000Mhz, 930MHz Typical, 80MHz BW, 12dBd Forward Gain Yagi Antenna

15 Element A-Y4-15 700-1000Mhz, 930MHz Typical, 80MHz BW, 14dBd Forward Gain Yagi Antenna


Yagi Directional Antenna

SY406 746-985 MHz Yagi directional antenna, 10 dBd gain, black anodized,

SY4062  806-966 MHz Yagi directional antenna, 13 dBd gain, dual,

SY406R 806-960 MHz Yagi directional antenna, 10 dBd gain, radome, HD,

SY415 902-956 MHz Yagi directional antenna, 12 dBd gain,

SY450 746-960 Mhz Yagi directional antenna, 6.5 dBd gain,