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Mobile, Vehicle Cellular Antennas

Cellular Mobile Antennas

Miniature Dome Antennas

A-490 800-900MHz, 50 Watt, 15MHz Bandwidth Tunable, Low Profile Dome Antennas

Dipole Antennas

A-406 Series – Ground Independent ½ Wave Omni Directional Dipole. Tuneable frequency range from 800-1400 MHz within a 10 MHz Band width. Available in two versions: mobile vehicle mount with cable tail, and portable with connector mounting.

A-408-925EFxxx-K – 890-860MHz, Elevated Feed Omni Mobile Antennas, Gain RX4.5-TX6dBi, FME Female Kit, 47cm Long plus 3.6mtr tail.

A-414 – 900MHz, 1.2 Wave Dipole – 15dB RL when mounted against metal complete with cable tail, ideal for vehicle applications

A-421-xxx – 890-960 MHz 3dBi Gain Antenna, for Cellular modem applications

(xxx = specify 838 MHz or 920 MHz centre frequency model when ordering).

Whip Antennas

A-407 825-960MHz Braided Fibreglass 5/8 Wave, loaded Whips

Portable Hand Held Antennas

A-409 900-960MHz Straight 1.2 Wave Ground Independent Antenna

A-435 900-960MHz Unity Gain, 1/2 Wave, SMA RA Male connection Antenna


SHA411 Series Concealed Bumper Mount Antenna for Undercover Vehicles, 746-869 MHz Omni-directional

SM600 High performance, low profile, universal transport antenna, 746-2500 MHz


SG401 Ground plane omni antenna, 0 dBd gain, 806-960 MHz Mobile/Transit

SM500 <1GHz Mobile omni antennas, 0dBd Gain, 700-1000 MHz

ST421R Omni antenna, 0 dBd gain, low profile, radome, 870-960 MHz

SUB <1GHz Mobile omni antenna, 0 dBd gain, low profile, 700-1000 MHz

GSM/Next G/3G Glass Mount Antennas

API-ANT475/485 & API-ANT490 GSM-850/900/1800/3G-2100MHz on glass mount antennas