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DataGuard® from Belcom

DataGuard® coaxial cables are the industrial version incorporating various armour types according to application. The original high-performance network cables are protected by a layer of steel in the form of galvanised wire applied around the cable with an enhanced performance outer sheath for further protection.

For traditional industrial protection in fixed installations, single wire armour is used. For flexible and high vibration installations, galvanised steel wire braid is applied, and special applications of interlocking galvanised steel wire tape or overlapping steel tapes can be used for flexibility and rodent/termite protection.

RG223/U 50 Ohm

DataGuard® Armoured (SWA) MIL-C-1 JF 98% Braid LSZH Firefighter®

Electrical Properties

Inner Conductor DC 28.0  Ohm/LM
Outer Conductor DC 8.0 MOhm*km
Impedance 50±2 Ohm
Capacitance 100 pF/m
Velocity ratio 99 %
Screening effectiveness 100-900 MHz 70 dB