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Semi Rigid Coax Cables

Semi Rigid Coax Cables

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Military Standard Semi-Rigid Coax Cables

Cable CodeNominal Imped.Capac. pF/ftCapac. pF/mDielec. MaterialConduct. Size (in.) & TypeShield TypeOuter Dim. (in.)Outer Dim. (mm.)Weight (kg/100m)Min. Bend Radius (in.)Min. Bend Radius (mm.)Notes
M17/129-RG4015029.697.1PTFE0.0641 SCBC TUBE0.256.3515.60.1253.175SWEPT ATTN & SRL FROM 400-18,000MHZ
M17/129-000015029.697.1PTFE0.0641 SCTC TUBE0.256.3515.60.1253.175TIN PLATED M17/129-RG401
M17/130-RG4025029.998.1PTFE0.0362 SCCSBC TUBE0.1413.585.120.0751.905SWEPT ATTN & SRL FROM 500-20,000MHZ
M17/130-000015029.998.1PTFE0.0362 SCCSTC TUBE0.1413.585.120.0751.905TIN PLATED M17/130-RG402
M17-130-000025029.998.1PTFE0.362 NCCCSBC TUBE0.1413.585.120.0751.905SWEPT ATTN & SRL FROM 500-20,000MHZ
M17/130-000035029.998.1PTFE0.0362 NCCCSTC TUBE0.1413.585.220.0751.905TIN PLATED M17/130-00002
M17/130-000045029.998.1PTFE0.362 SCCSBC TUBE0.1413.585.120.0751.905SWEPT ATTN & SRL FROM 500-20,000MHZ
M17/130-000055029.998.1PTFE0.0362 SCCSTC TUBE0.1413.585.220.0751.905TIN PLATED M17/130-00004
M17/130-000065029.998.1PTFE0.362 NCCCSBC TUBE0.1413.585.120.0751.905SWEPT ATTN & SRL FROM 500-20,000MHZ
M17/133-RG4055032105PTFE0.0201 SCCSBC TUBE0.08652. ATTN & SRL FROM 500-20,000MHZ
M17-133-000015032105PTFE0.0201 SCCSTC TUBE0.08652.1972.350.051.27TIN PLATED M17/130-RG405
M17/133-000065032105PTFE0.0201 SCCSBC TUBE0.08652.1972.280.051.27SWEPT ATTN & SRL FROM 500-20,000MHZ
M17/133-000075032105PTEF0.0201 SCCSTC TUBE0.08652.1972.350.051.27TIN PLATED M17/133-00006
M17/151-000015032105PTFE0.0113 SCCSBC TUBE0.0471.1940.60.051.27SWEPT ATTN & SRL FROM 500-20,000MHZ
M17/151-000025032105PTFE0.0113 SCCSTC TUBE0.0471.1940.60.051.27TIN PLATED M17/151-00001


Standard Cable 0.087″ 0.141″
CNC Fomers 6.4 mm 8 mm
Radiuses 10 mm 10 mm / 12.5 mm

Custom sizes available


SC Silver-Covered Copper
SCCS Silver-Covered Copper-Clad Steel
NCCCS Nickel-Covered Copper-Clad Steel
BC TUBE Bare Copper Tube
TC TUBE Tinned Copper Tube
PTFE Polytetrafluoroethylene