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ROJ-E317 – Integrated UHF Transmit/Receive Multicoupler System

The ROJ-E317 product is a high performance integrated UHF transmit/receive multi-coupler system in a single enclosure suitable for 19 inch rack mounting. The hybrid combining technology drastically reduces the size of an overall system compared to traditional cavity based and multi-section filter type systems while still maintaining high levels of performance. All loads for the combiners are included inside the equipment as well as a highly flexible, reliable and efficient DC-DC power supply.
Two simultaneous 50 W transmit signals (Tx1, Tx2) can be applied to the equipment and combined for transmission onto a single external antenna (consult Rojone for suitable antennas). The same antenna can be used to receive signals at different frequencies to the transmitted signals with the equipment coupling out four copies of the received signal (Rx1, Rx2, Rx3, Rx4).
This combined transmit/receive setup allows for easy integration with a wide range of communication systems and applications such as multichannel voice and data transmission systems, base stations and repeaters.
As most applications are unique, the ROJ-E317 product can be configured to your specific requirement by selecting the most appropriate Tx and Rx frequency range and output connector combination (SMA, BNC, MCX, TNC, N type). Please talk to us about your individual needs

ROJ-E317 Datasheet
ROJ-E317 Manual V1