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TAC Connectors

New military and commercial applications are demanding a reduction in connector size and weight without a loss of performance. Amphenol NEXUS Technologies has met that demand with its new Miniature M55116-Type TAC Connectors for soldier-worn applications, radio systems, and ruggedized communications systems.

TAC Connectors are designed and manufactured to the exacting specifications of MIL-DTL-55116 requirements at half the size of the standard connectors.

Amphenol NEXUS Technologies TAC Connectors are the ideal choice to reduce size and weight and still maintain many of the same performance benefits wherever a M55116 connector is needed on a newly designed system.

Miniature M55116-Type Connectors Brochure

MAJ-16-00 MAJ-17-00 MAJ-56-30
6-Conductor Panel Mount JackDatasheet7-Conductor Panel Mount JackDatasheet7-Conductor Panel Mount JackDatasheet
MAJ-57-30 MAJ-60-00 MAJ-60-50
7-Conductor In-Line JackDatasheet10-Conductor Panel-Mount JackDatasheet10-Conductor In-Line Jack (for Over-molding)Datasheet
MAP-56-30 MAP-56-50 MAP-57-30
6-Conductor PlugDatasheet6-Conductor Plug (for Over molding)Datasheet7-Conductor PlugDatasheet
MAP-57-50MAP-60-00 MAP-60-50
7-Conductor Plug (for Over molding)Datasheet10-Conductor Panel-Mount Plug.Datasheet10-Conductor Plug (for Over-molding)Datasheet