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Iridium – RFoF

The Iridium satellite network provides voice and data service to the entire planet. However, phones and network equipment will not function unless the antennas have a clear view of the sky. The Optical Zonu Iridium fibre extender system allows handsets or modems to function indoors, regardless of the distance from an outdoor antenna. These systems are perfect for direct connection to phone(s) or modem(s) installations in locations such as bunkers, large buildings, mining operations and large seagoing vessels, or in an indoor luxury structure. RF over fibre systems can function for several miles when used with single-mode cable and provide a transparent link for Iridium communication equipment. Once the signal is transported across the fibre link, it provides satellite phone connection indoors via rebroadcast through indoor antennas or connected directly to Iridium end-user equipment.

The Iridium fibre link kit contains both an outdoor antenna unit and an indoor antenna system. The outdoor unit is weatherproof with an IP-67 rating, allowing it to be installed in harsh environments directly next to an outdoor antenna. The indoor system can be either a single slot J-Chassis suitable for desktop or wall-mount use; or a 19-inch rack enclosure. The rack-mount antennae extender options can be configured to support multiple channels. Other options include remote monitoring and configuration through the J-Chassis USB port or contact closure alarm through the OZ9000 chassis.

In addition to the Iridium satellite service, Zonu provides equipment that can be used to transport other signals from antenna locations such as GPS, Satellite TV, WiFi or cell phone service. Flexible chassis systems can be custom ordered for specific applications or installations. Both single fibre or multi-fibre solutions are available. The outdoor systems can be configured to provide power to active antennas through a flexible bias T. Frequency ranges are available for response up to 6 GHz, contact a sales representative for more information.