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LMR Bundled Cable

LMR Bundled Cable

LMR Bundled Cable

Times Microwave Systems specialises in the design & manufacture of high performance flexible, Low Loss, standard coaxial M17 cable, for RF transmission from HF through to Microwave frequencies DC to 46GHz.

As the exclusive Australian Agent Rojone is pleased to announce the introduction of LMR® Bundled Cable this is a spiral configuration of multiple LMR®-400 or smaller LMR® cables under a common polyethylene outer jacket. This innovative design acts as the perfect feeder cable for applications requiring multiple runs, such as on towers or building top sites. A unique, patented grounding fixture grounds the outer shields of each cable and a rugged end cap seals the bundle to prevent moisture ingress at the break-out point.

LMR © Bundled Cable can be supplied as complete assembly with break outs and connectors on both ends, and as a single ended assembly (base can be trimmed and terminated after installation on tower), or as a raw cable and accessories along with easy to use tools. Pictorial instructions and installation videos are available to assist in the installation of the accessories.

Features and Benefits:

  • Less Cable Runs
  • Fewer Ground Kits and Cable Clamps to Install
  • Reduced Labour and Material Costs
  • Rip cord for easy removal of outer jacket
  • Inner cables labelled with an identifier every six inches

Standard Cables Include:

  • LMR-BC240-4
  • LMR-BC300-12
  • LMR-BC240-9
  • LMR-BC400-7
  • LMR-BC240-9-LW-75
  • LMR-BC400-9
  • LMR-BC-240-12
  • LMR-BC400-9-DB

LMR Bundled Cable (2MB)

EC-BC Series End Cap Kits

Times Microwave Systems offers weather seal break out caps for a number of the LMR bundled cables. These kits consist of a hard ABS plastic split shell with stainless steel screws, a silicone rubber split cushion and a silicone rubber gasket. The split cushion is formed over the inner cables and the shell is then positioned over the transition so that the end of the outer jacket of the cable is roughly in the middle of the shell.

Watch the video below to see how to install the EC-BC Series End Cap Kit.