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Rojone and Insulated Wire incorporated Announce Distributor Agreement

We are very pleased to announce that we are the distributor for IW Microwave (IW) in Australia. From now on the complete range of IW is in Rojone’s product range. IW is a producer of high-performance cable, and cable assemblies popular for use in geophysical exploration (ground penetrating radar), as well as telecommunications, data links, satellite systems, airborne electronic warfare and countermeasures, missile systems, UAV applications, avionics and instrumentation, fire control systems, and medical electronics.

Founded in 1970, IW developed a unique PTFE lamination process and applied it to manufacturing wire and cable. This process allowed IW to manufacture products of unprecedented reliability along with smaller diameters. Combining the new lamination process along with a patented shield design allowed IW to become one of the leaders in low loss microwave transmission lines, utilizing both solid and expanded PTFE dielectrics. In 1988, IW expanded its operations and created a Microwave Products Division.

You can find further information on our websites ( or from the IW website (
Further information contact Rojone on email or Tel. +61 2 9829 1555

John Brady,
General Manager



INGLEBURN, NSW – 3 April 2017 – Rojone Pty Ltd., announced that it has purchased Mobile One Australia Pty Ltd’s antenna and radio headset business, the purchase will better serve the needs of Rojone’s and Mobile One’s customers both locally and internationally.

The purchase of Mobile One Australia antenna manufacturing business fits into Rojone’s strategy to supply a broader range of Australian designed and manufactured antennae’s. While the purchase of the Mobile One’s Acoustic division will allow the company to better support its Defence and Aviation customers.

“Our purchase of Mobile One Australia manufacturing business will complement our overall antennae range so we can now provide an extensive antenna range to both our local and international customers,” said Livia Brady, managing director of Rojone. “The acquisition of Mobile Ones’ Acoustic division will be a new direction for the company who already supplies major components to both the Defence and Aerospace industries.” Established in 1981 and still owned & operated by one of its two original founders, Rojone is proudly one of Australia’s top RF & microwave design, manufacturing, and distribution companies. Occupying 1830 square meters’ facility at Ingleburn, NSW, employ over 50 dedicated professionals to service over 2,000 domestic & international customers. Rojone offers quality products from RF & circular connectors, coaxial cables through to military microwave components & systems from world-leading manufacturers such as Radiall & Times Microwave whom Rojone has exclusively represented in Australia for over 30 years.

The resulting acquisition will produce the following enhancements:

  • A dedicated sales team located in both New South Wales and Western Australia,
  • Manufacturing by an ISO 9001:2015 certified company,
  • Technicians trained to IPC-620 standards,
  • A team of RF and Mechanical Engineers committed to continuous improvement.
  • Mr John Brady,
    CSC General Manager

    7 April 2017

    TFlex – Ideal for In-Cabinet & On board Interconnection

    Times Microwave have recently introduced new TFlex cable assemblies up to 26.5GHz/40GHz:

  • Cost Effective In-Cabinet Jumpers
  • SM/SMRA connectors avaiable for 18GHz
  • KM connectors available
  • Excellent Shielding Effectiveness
  • Stable Loss, Phase and VSWR vs. Flexing
  • TFlex_Cable_Assemblies

    4.3-10 Connector Series

    Rojone Pty Ltd introduces the new 4.3-10 Connector series. Designed for major telecom equipment manufacturers, the 4.3-10 series is small and lightweight, features high performance/low intermodulation, and is suitable for both indoor and outdoor applications.
    Lightweight 4.3-10 connectors offer these key features and performance characteristics:

    • 30% smaller and 60% lighter than the comparable 7/16 square flange jack receptacle
    • RF power up to 500 W @ 2 GHz
    • Low intermodulation
    • Frequency range: DC to 6GHz
    • Meets IP68 Requirements
    • Available in Screw, Hand Screw and Push-Pull formats

    Importantly, on the 4.3-10, electrical & mechanical reference planes are separated with the ground contact sliding. Intermodulation performance is not linked to the installation torque – the contact pressure is a function of the contact design.

    4.3-10 Connectors

    4.3-10 Connectors

    For more information visit here

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    Australian Industry & Defence Network (AIDN) NSW Young Achiever Awards (YAA)

    Rojone is proud to sponsor the 2015 Australian Industry & Defence Network (AIDN) NSW Young Achiever Awards (YAA), which celebrates the achievements of young professionals working in the Australian Defence Industry. Rojone and AIDN recognise that driven and talented young people are the key to the future of the defence industry. In order to recognise individuals who may be future industry leaders, AIDN has created the AIDN Young Achiever Award and Rojone is pleased to support this important initiative.


    The finalists for the 2015 NSW awards came from across the defence industry in NSW and demonstrated the talent and dedication working in this industry.

    The winner was announced at the AIDN NSW 21st Anniversary Dinner held in Sydney in September and presented by Mr Steve Wearn, acting General Manager Commercial, Capability Acquisition and Sustainment Group. The 2015 AIDN Young Achiever is Christine Chen, who works for Thales in EM/RF Engineer in the Speciality Engineering Group. The runner up was Danya Henriksen, Project Officer Maintenance Planning, Petrolink Engineering with 3rd place going to Ryan McKay, Project Engineer, Forgacs-Broens.

    The winner of the NSW award will be competing for the national Young Achiever’s Award against winners from the other states. This will be announced at the AIDN National 21st Anniversary Dinner on Monday 8th February 2016 in Canberra.

    Rojone offers its congratulations to all entrants and finalists, and looks forward to supporting this award in the future.


    MaxGainTM Cable Assemblies for Loss Critical PERFORMANCE

    Times Microwave have released the MaxGain Range of fully tested Cable Assemblies designed for Loss Critical performance. The cable is designed to work from DC to 18GHz and uses a revolutionary outer conductor geometry to provide ultra-stable low loss performance. Coupled with a full range of passivated stainless steel connectors these assemblies are ideally suited for applications where lowest loss and good stability with bending is required.

    Features and Benefits

  • Lowest Insertion Loss Available, DC – 18 GHz
  • Ultra Stable Insertion Loss and VSWR with Flexing
  • With wide Temperature Range (-65″C to + 150″C)
  • Extremely Flexible, Low Minimum Bend Radius
  • Superior Shielding Effectiveness (> 100 dB)
  • MaxGainTM Cable Assemblies

    Semi-Rigid Cable Assemblies

    Rojone has been one of Australia’s leading Coaxial Cable assembly manufacturers for over 30 years. The arrival of our new CNC Bending machine has significantly increased our capability to produce volume, state-of-the-art semi-rigid cable assemblies and delay lines suitable for microwave, military, RF, and telecommunications applications to 18GHz.

    Semi-rigid coax cable assemblies are typically used in ground and airborne radar systems, satellite and terrestrial wireless communications equipment, high bandwidth data communication equipment, medical imaging apparatus, test equipment, electronic warfare and to connect to microwave antennas.

    As communications bandwidth and imaging resolution increase, higher frequencies, power handling & shielding are very important factors. These applications require excellent durability, phase stable performance, low attenuation, high signal fidelity and the ability to handle more power. Semi-rigid coax meets these requirements and is ideal for high temperature, high power applications while maintaining excellent phase stable performance and minimising VSWR. Semi rigid is especially significant in tactical environments where high shielding and shock or vibration tolerance is critical.

    Rojone offers .047, .086, .141 and .250 inch diameter cables, bare copper, tin-plated copper and aluminum sheath which is 30% less weight than copper jacket, all terminated to high performance SMA, APC, N, BMA & more RF Coaxial connectors by IPC 620 Certified Technicians.

    All assemblies are 100% tested; sweep testing is also available to ensure identical electrical properties for each assembly. We would also high recommend all cables are temperature cycled through our environmental chamber, depending on your specifications; this normalise the cable dielectric ensuring optimum performance and overall stability.

    Hand forming semi-rigid assemblies is definitely a skill; only the most talented technicians are used to create these unique high performance assemblies. While this process is used by most small to medium production facilities, the technique is really only suitable & cost effective for low volume prototyping or production. With this in mind, Rojone decided that it was time to increase its capabilities & competitive edge by investing in CNC Automated equipment to produce volume, high performance Semi-Rigid Assemblies that are internationally price competitive.

    Rojone’s new RD5 CNC Bender is impressive. It produces 3 axis bends fast, accurately and repeatably directly from customer’s CAD or STEP files, using the full range of qualified Mil-C17 semi-rigid coax cables.

    The RD5 bends semi-rigid cable using a rotary wipe process. This technique has proven to be the gentlest bending technique on the semi-rigid cable providing for excellent signal transmission when the cable is in its final assembly. The collet closer that holds the coax during the bending process is designed specifically to grip yet be gentle on the cables outside jacket. The design of the carriage spindle allows the end of the coax cable to get right up next to the bend tooling on the very last bend. This often translates into avoiding a trimming operation after bending.

    In addition to the CNC Bender, we also purchased an AM40 digital protractor designed to measure the bend angle of small tubing/semi-rigid coax & sheet metal. Its measuring range is from 0 to 360 degrees in increments of 0.1 degrees. It uses a high-resolution encoder to ensure the repeatability of the bend angle measurement. The digital readout, displayed in large numerals, updates continuously to show the real-time bend angle. This tool is ideal for measuring the first semi-rigid assembly run off the CNC, to ensure that the programming is spot on and more importantly to adjust the program to compensate for any spring back resulting from different cable batches.

    Design guidelines for Semi-Rigid Assemblies:

    • Employ a single common bend radius.
    • Avoid the cable minimum bend radius for improved electrical performance.
    • Define cable assembly “ends” with respect to the connector reference plane in lieu of the physical end of the connector. In the case of right angle connectors, utilise the connector centre-line.
    • Avoid specifying specific vendor part numbers for connectors unless absolutely necessary.
    • Specify electrical performance testing only in bands of interest and only for critical performance tests. Excess electrical testing, while nice, also becomes expensive.
    • Where possible, do not design bends-on-bends. A design tool may allow this, but it often proves difficult to realise practically.
    • If designing a phase matched assembly, be sure to consider “forming areas”. These are “open” areas in the system that allow the “take-up of variations in cable length as a result of phase matching.
    • Specify thermal-conditioning only when necessary. Usually this is only needed for phase sensitive applications as this has a cost impact.

    Semi Rigid Coax Table for Cable Assemblies

    With over 30 year of coaxial experience, the team at Rojone are confident in our ability to offer our clients design, drafting & prototyping assistance for any prospective assembly requirement and we are ultimately your competitive partner when it comes time to manufacture.

    Times-Protect® LP-SPT™ RF Lightning Protection Tester Now Available!


    The new and unique Times-Protect® LP-SPT™ RF surge protection tester has been added to growing line of innovative surge protection products offered by Times. The LP-SPT™ provides the user with the capability to test virtually any lightning protection device or component to ensure its proper functioning and capability to protect critical and expensive RF equipment. Weighing only 16 ounces and powered by two 9 volt batteries, the ruggedised hand-held unit is completely portable making it ideal for field use.

    The LP-SPT™ unit has two terminals, N male and N female, to support testing of the most popular in line RF surge protection devices and can easily test RF surge protectors with any other interfaces by using commonly available RF adaptors. At just 9” x 4” x 1-1/2” the slim LP-SPT™ unit comes complete with a heavy duty nylon carrying case, batteries, easy-to-follow instructions and a set of custom alligator clips to allow testing of surge protection components such as MOV’s, diodes and gas tubes. Made in the USA, the LP-SPT™ has a list price of $875.00 and is available through the extensive Times global distribution network.

    Download the LP-SPT Datasheet

    L-com Partners with Rojone Pty Ltd in Ingleburn, Australia


    L-Com-LOGONORTH ANDOVER, MA – 07/22/13 – L-com, Inc., a designer and manufacturer of wired and wireless connectivity products, has reached a distribution partnership agreement with Australian manufacturer and distributor Rojone PTY LTD to sell its wireless connectivity products throughout Australia. L-com’s products will join an impressive range of cabling and wireless brands including Times Microwave, Radiall and Pasternack.

    Rojone was formally established in 1981, and has since grown to over sixty dedicated, professional staff in two offices – one in Ingleburn, NSW Australia and one in Perth, Western Australia. Today, Rojone is an ISO 9001:2008 certified designer and manufacturer of many unique products, including its voice interactive GPS vehicle tracking system, and high performance coaxial, fiber optic, and multiconductor cables and connectors, as well as wireless antennas, amplifiers, lightening protectors, splitters and much more.

    “Rojone’s commitment to the high-performance of its own brand of products and those it distributes has made them a top supplier to many Australian and New Zealand companies,” said Mark Jaworski, L-com International Sales Manager. “We’re proud to be part of their efforts to meet this growing demand throughout Australia.”

    “In partnering with L-com, we will be expanding our offering with many quality and innovative wireless products that are hard to find elsewhere,” said Livia Grabowski, Rojone Managing Director. “These are products our clients need, and we’re ready to supply them.”

    Rojone will begin adding select L-com and HyperLink® brand products to its website and product portfolio. L-com has added Rojone to its authorized distributor page and will begin shipping components for stock this month.


    For more information about this release, please contact:

    Dave Fallon, Internet Marketing Strategist
    978-682-6936 x1169,


    L-com, a global designer and manufacturer of wired and wireless connectivity products, offers a wide range of solutions and unmatched customer service for the audio/video, OEM, military/aerospace, IT, and wireless RF industries. The company’s product portfolio includes cable assemblies, connectors, adapters, computer networking components, and custom products, as well as the HyperLink® line of wireless antennas, amplifiers, filters/splitters, lightning protectors, weatherproof enclosures, and much more. Trusted for more than 30 years, L-com, Inc. is headquartered in North Andover, Massachusetts, USA, and is ISO 9001: 2008-certified. For more information, please visit:

    Rojone Wins Distributor Performance Award

    Rojone-Award-2012In recognition of the efforts of their worldwide partner network, Pasternack Enterprises announced the recipients of their Distributor Performance Awards for 2012. This year, Rojone Pty Ltd has been fortunate to receive one such award:

    The “EXCELLENT PERFORMANCE AWARD” is presented to three of our Distributors for achieving strong Territory Sales Growth and Customer Growth, despite a challenging global economy. Congratulations to Livia Grabowski and team of Rojone Pty. Limited in Australia, Simon Kwok and team of Corad Technology, Ltd in greater China, and Bernd Fleischmann and team of GIGACOMP GmbH representing Germany, Switzerland and Austria.

    Well done team!