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Interface Leads

The Rojone ALN – series of interface leads are designed to allow connection of our range of headsets to just about any piece of communications equipment you can think of, from portable two-way radios to specialised communications systems. Each lead assembly consists of a Nexus TJS-102 (U-94A/U). This combination socket is a Military grade component (which mates with the TP – 120B or TP-102 used on our headsets), push to talk switch, and housing complete with a substantial belt or clothing clip.

A length of either coiled or straight cable leaves the Nexus TJS-102 PTT housing and terminates to a plug, moulded plug set or a number of plugs suitable for direct connection to a particular radio or device. The number of Interface Leads and radio types is almost infinite and we cannot list all the possibilities, so
if your requirement extends beyond the list below – please ask!

We can manufacture in Australia to your unique requirements.


ALN – _xxx In the first space, insert the letter which represents the radio manufacture.
ALN – x___ In the three remaining spaces, show the 3 main digits of the radio model.

A = A.W.A J = Shinwa R = (Spare)
B = Bendix King K = Kenwood S = Sawtron/Kyodo
C = Maxon L = (Spare) T = Tait
D = Midland M = Motorola U = Uniden
E = Electrophone N = (Spare) V = Vertev/Standard
F = (Spare) O = (Spare) W = (Spare)
G = (Spare) P = Philips/Simoco X = Customer to specify
H = HYT Q =(Spare) Y = Yasue
I = Icom PH = Mobile Phone (Call for details)