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Combiners (Network Combiners)

Combiners (Network Combiners)


Rojone has designed a number of combiners to customer specifications or application requirements. Notably one of the most popular combiners is our Multi-Network combiner providing 4 Input ports and 4 Outputs together with a monitor port for in-building applications.

Combiner 700-2700MHz

ROJ-074NMT-4-4-716IM 700-2700MHz, Network Combiner, 4 Ports In, 4 Ports Out 7/16 Female Connectors, 100 Watts per port, Low Passive Intermodulation (PIM) <= -150dBc @ 43dBm x 2

Combiners 800-2500MHz

ROJ-072-HYB2N – Two Way N Type 800-2500MHz Combiner

ROJ-072-HYB2N-LIM – Two Way N Type 800-2500MHz Combiner Low IM

ROJ-072-3HYB-716 – Two Way 7/16 800-2500MHz Combiner Low IM

Multi-Network Combiners 800-2500MHz

This fully integrated Multi-Network Combiner Module was designed specifically for in-building applications. This combiner accepts up to 4 networks into a distributed antenna system and offers 4 identical RF output ports.

Particularly within in-building applications where power budget is a limiting factor, this combiner design directs all RF energy into the Distributed Antenna System instead of dissipating power through multiple stage loads. This solution allows multiple sectors to be combined into one single sector for better trunking efficiency and frequency planning.

The module’s integrated design is configurable from 1 to 4 inputs and from 1 to 4 outputs. Unused input ports are broadband terminated using low power loads; unused output ports must also be broadband terminated using high power 100 watt loads to assure optimum performance.

Installation is easy; the combiner is provided with a robust mounting flange, ideal for wall mounting. All ports are low IM Female N connectorised and are easy to access. Our combiner also features a 30dB monitor port allowing for on-line hot system testing.

ROJ-073-4-4-716-IM 7/16 connectorized 800-2500MHz

ROJ-073NMT-4-4-716 7/16 Connectorzied 800-2500MHz with Monitor Ports Low IM

ROJ-073-4-4-N N Type Multi-Network Combiner

ROJ-073-4-4-N-HP N Type Multi-Network Combiner High Power

ROJ-065 Series N Type Older Version Superseeded by ROJ-073-4-4-N

Transmitter Combiners

Transmitter Combiners 700-1000MHz Range

  • RTC10800R Compact Trunking Transmitter Combiner, 10 Channels
  • RTC5800R Compact Trunking Transmitter Combiner, 5 Channels
  • RTC6800R Compact Trunking Transmitter Combiner, 6 Channels
  • TJ4 Cavity-Ferrite Transmitter Combiner, 7″ Cans

Transmitter Combiners UHF & Tetra Range

  • CTx450F Open Cabinet Cavity-Ferrite Transmitter Combiner
  • RTC5400R Trunking Transmitter Combiner, 5 Channels Hybrid-Ferrite Transmitter Combiner
  • TJ3 Cavity-Ferrite Transmitter Combiner, 7″ Cans
  • TN3 Cavity-Ferrite Transmitter Combiner, 8.5″ Cans

Transmitter Combiners VHF

  • CS2 VHF Combiner, cavity-ferrite, 8.5″ 1/4 wave, 125W load
  • TC2 Hybrid-Ferrite Transmitter Combiner
  • TJ2 Cavity-Ferrite Transmitter Combiner, 7″ Cans