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PoE – Power over Ethernet devices

PoE – Power over Ethernet

Power over Ethernet (PoE) technology describes a system to pass electrical power safely, along with data, on Ethernet cabling.  The IEEE standard for PoE requires Category 5 cable or higher for high power levels, but can operate with category 3 cable for low power levels.  Power is supplied in common mode over 2 or more of the differential pairs of wires found in the Ethernet cables and comes from a power supply within a PoE-enabled networking device such as an Ethernet switch or can be injected into cable run with a midspan power supply.

Rojone is pleased to present our new PoE DC injector with surge protection built-in.  This unit features ultra fast  gas tubes and high current diodes for optimum performance.  This is a must-have for all PoE devices for ultimate protection.  This unit has been designed to be used with a huge variety of radio using up to 60vDC.

PoE Injector with Lightning Arrestor (model ROJ-99103)