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DC Blocks


A new addition to our in-building family of products is our broad-band, Low PIM coaxial DC Blocks designed ideal for connection to the input of a network combiner.

AMA-5357-30MF – Low PIM Coax DC-Block 80 to 3800 MHz Inner & Outer

Pasternack DC Blocks are primarily used to protect DC-sensitive RF circuitry in applications where DC power might exist on a transmission line or where a DC power spike might be generated.  The DC Blocks operate to 18 GHz and are available in inner-only, outer-only and inner/outer DC block configurations.

DC Block Selection

50 Ohm SMA Male to SMA Female, 10MHz to 18GHz
50 Ohm N Male to N Female, 10MHz to 18GHz
50 Ohm BNC Male to BNC Female, 10MHz to 4GHz
50 Ohm TNC Male to TNC Female, 10MHz to 18GHz
50 Ohm 2.92mm Male to 2.92mm Female, 10MHz to 26.5GHz
75 Ohm 75 Ohm BNC Male to 75 Ohm BNC Female, 100MHz to 4GHz
75 Ohm 75 Ohm N Male to 75 Ohm N Female, 100MHz to 4GHz
50 Ohm 2.4mm SMA Male to 50 Ohm 2.4mm Female 100MHz to 50GHz
F Male to F Female, 10MHz to 2GHz