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Cable Assemblies

Radiall – Fiber Optic Harnesses and Complex Optical Systems


With over 40 years of Fiber Optic experience, Radiall is a global leader in the design and development of high quality harness and complex optical systems for demanding applications.

Radiall’s experienced R&D team is an essential part in the design and development of optical solutions for Military and Aerospace applications. With 3 design centers available around the world, Radiall is able to quickly address customer needs and provide excellent customer support at a local level.

Radiall offers a full range of optical interface technologies including, LuxCis® ARINC 801, Expanded Beam (EB) and high density MT ferrules. Our highly skilled manufacturing team can terminate,
assemble and test optical interfaces for commercial and aerospace
grade cables for PC, UPC and APC applications.

Radiall’s design and manufacturing expertise, and Fiber Optic interconnect product offering provides custom harness solutions to meet customers needs. Additional capabilities include hybrid (mixed optical & electrical) and hermetic solutions suitable for the following environments:

  • Commercial and Military Aerospace
  • Ground tactics
  • Navy

The dedicated design team at Radiall is available to provide support for optical links requiring excellent performance and ease of installation, as well as develop application specific accessories or interconnect solutions when required. Committed to meeting delivery demands, Radiall has 4 conveniently located AS9100 certified manufacturing locations. This allows engineers to interface directly with customer drawings and design systems for direct manufacturing and risk mitigation.

Radiall is available to support a wide range of requirements, from simple contact and connector solutions to the most complex Fiber Optic based harnesses or sub systems for harsh environments.

For additional information, contact our Sales Team

Semi-Rigid Cable Assemblies

Rojone has been one of Australia’s leading Coaxial Cable assembly manufacturers for over 30 years. The arrival of our new CNC Bending machine has significantly increased our capability to produce volume, state-of-the-art semi-rigid cable assemblies and delay lines suitable for microwave, military, RF, and telecommunications applications to 18GHz.

Semi-rigid coax cable assemblies are typically used in ground and airborne radar systems, satellite and terrestrial wireless communications equipment, high bandwidth data communication equipment, medical imaging apparatus, test equipment, electronic warfare and to connect to microwave antennas.

As communications bandwidth and imaging resolution increase, higher frequencies, power handling & shielding are very important factors. These applications require excellent durability, phase stable performance, low attenuation, high signal fidelity and the ability to handle more power. Semi-rigid coax meets these requirements and is ideal for high temperature, high power applications while maintaining excellent phase stable performance and minimising VSWR. Semi rigid is especially significant in tactical environments where high shielding and shock or vibration tolerance is critical.

Rojone offers .047, .086, .141 and .250 inch diameter cables, bare copper, tin-plated copper and aluminum sheath which is 30% less weight than copper jacket, all terminated to high performance SMA, APC, N, BMA & more RF Coaxial connectors by IPC 620 Certified Technicians.

All assemblies are 100% tested; sweep testing is also available to ensure identical electrical properties for each assembly. We would also high recommend all cables are temperature cycled through our environmental chamber, depending on your specifications; this normalise the cable dielectric ensuring optimum performance and overall stability.

Hand forming semi-rigid assemblies is definitely a skill; only the most talented technicians are used to create these unique high performance assemblies. While this process is used by most small to medium production facilities, the technique is really only suitable & cost effective for low volume prototyping or production. With this in mind, Rojone decided that it was time to increase its capabilities & competitive edge by investing in CNC Automated equipment to produce volume, high performance Semi-Rigid Assemblies that are internationally price competitive.

Rojone’s new RD5 CNC Bender is impressive. It produces 3 axis bends fast, accurately and repeatably directly from customer’s CAD or STEP files, using the full range of qualified Mil-C17 semi-rigid coax cables.

The RD5 bends semi-rigid cable using a rotary wipe process. This technique has proven to be the gentlest bending technique on the semi-rigid cable providing for excellent signal transmission when the cable is in its final assembly. The collet closer that holds the coax during the bending process is designed specifically to grip yet be gentle on the cables outside jacket. The design of the carriage spindle allows the end of the coax cable to get right up next to the bend tooling on the very last bend. This often translates into avoiding a trimming operation after bending.

In addition to the CNC Bender, we also purchased an AM40 digital protractor designed to measure the bend angle of small tubing/semi-rigid coax & sheet metal. Its measuring range is from 0 to 360 degrees in increments of 0.1 degrees. It uses a high-resolution encoder to ensure the repeatability of the bend angle measurement. The digital readout, displayed in large numerals, updates continuously to show the real-time bend angle. This tool is ideal for measuring the first semi-rigid assembly run off the CNC, to ensure that the programming is spot on and more importantly to adjust the program to compensate for any spring back resulting from different cable batches.

Design guidelines for Semi-Rigid Assemblies:

  • Employ a single common bend radius.
  • Avoid the cable minimum bend radius for improved electrical performance.
  • Define cable assembly “ends” with respect to the connector reference plane in lieu of the physical end of the connector. In the case of right angle connectors, utilise the connector centre-line.
  • Avoid specifying specific vendor part numbers for connectors unless absolutely necessary.
  • Specify electrical performance testing only in bands of interest and only for critical performance tests. Excess electrical testing, while nice, also becomes expensive.
  • Where possible, do not design bends-on-bends. A design tool may allow this, but it often proves difficult to realise practically.
  • If designing a phase matched assembly, be sure to consider “forming areas”. These are “open” areas in the system that allow the “take-up of variations in cable length as a result of phase matching.
  • Specify thermal-conditioning only when necessary. Usually this is only needed for phase sensitive applications as this has a cost impact.

Semi Rigid Coax Table for Cable Assemblies

With over 30 year of coaxial experience, the team at Rojone are confident in our ability to offer our clients design, drafting & prototyping assistance for any prospective assembly requirement and we are ultimately your competitive partner when it comes time to manufacture.

Radiall ODC Series Outdoor Fibre Optic Connectors & Assemblies

radiall-odc-assembliesThe ODC® connector was designed for FTTA (Fibre-To-The-Antenna) outdoor links in Telecom wireless applications.

N type connectors size, screw coupling, robust waterproof connector to withstand harsh environmental conditions and weather.

Designed for UMTS networks, 3rd generation or higher.

These fibre optic transmission lines allow data to travel at the speed of light with practically no loss.

Cable assemblies available in 2 or 4 channels, multimode and singlemode.

Download ODC Catalogue

Radiall Reference Patchcords (Gold Standard Cables)

Reference patchcords are very high quality patchcords which ensure repeatable loss measurements. They are required for any insertion loss test set up per IEC standard. Available for most connector types.

MasterCords D6F301DE

Radiall offer a comprehensive range of quality Fibre Optic Interconnect products. Please browse their site for further details – Radiall Fibre Optic Interconnect products

Radiall Eco Range

Radiall offers its ECO range of standard fibre optic patchcords, pigtails and adaptors. Terminated with LC, ST and SC connectors. SC connectors available in PC, UPC and APC style.



Multi Core/Multi Pin Cable Assemblies


multipin-cable-assembliesWith over 30 years of manufacturing cable assemblies, Rojone is one of the most consistent & experienced assembly companies in Australia today.

Rojone is able to work with you to create a custom assembly, with in-house CAD services to develop your specific requirement or just competitively build to print.

Rojone has a suite of automated stripping, crimp tool & gauges.  We have a range of Vector Network & spectrum Analyzers, and Environmental test chamber -40C to +100 C as well as in-house plastic injection capabilities for both standard & specialized over molding.

Technicians are all IPC/WHMA-A-620A certified specialists for Cable & Wire Harness Assemblies.

We have proudly supplied product into many varied industries both in Australia & abroad, including

Defence contractors & aerospace applications, demanding mining, vehicle and survey & construction applications, Telecommunications & Radio Communications applications.

RRU AISG Multi-Wire Cable (Model: CA-RET-8P-9P-500)

An RRU AISG multi-wire cable is 5 m (16.4 ft.) long. It connects an RRU and an RCU to transmit control signals from a base station to the RET antenna. When the RRU is connected to the RET antenna, an AISG multi-wire cable transmits RS485 signals.

Pasternack Fibre Optic Cable Assemblies

Pasternack offer an excellent range of ready made, stock, Fibre Optic cable assemblies, both singleand multi mode cables terminated to standard ST, FC, LC MTRRJ, VF45 Simplex & Duplex connector.

Pasternack Fibre Optic Cable Assemblies – Pasternack has just introduced a range of 10GB Fibre Optic Cables assemblies backwardly compatible to existing network equipment.  These FO cables provide close to triple the bandwidth of traditional 62.5/125 multimode fibre. 10 Gigabit is rated for distances up to 300 metres using 850nm vertical cavity surface emitting lasers (VCSELs).

Pasternack 10GB Fibre Optic Cable Assemblies

Pasternack also offers a range of stock line Fibre Optic cables, connectors & accessories. Please feel free to browse the Pasternack website, or contact if you would like a Pasternack catalogue posted to you.

Coaxial Assemblies


Rojone has been manufacturing and selling high quality RF & microwave coaxial cable assemblies since 1981. We offer a comprehensive range of locally manufactured assemblies with an excellent range of high performance, low loss, extreme & military application products from Times Microwave USA and Radiall France.

Brands & Products

Rojone Assemblies

Rojone Cable Assembly catalogue (1.5 MB)

Our Production is equipped with the latest test instruments, Vector Network & Spectrum Analysers (HP8720D, HP8753B, 8495E), a Thermoline Thermal Chamber for temperature cycling cables, auxiliary items such as precision Schleuniger 207 and their latest CS5400 cable stripping machines, inspection microscopes, pin depth gauges and automated test software.

Times Microwave

TMS are the experts in their field with high performance RF & Microwave assemblies for the harshest of military, civil & test applications.

  • SilverLine – Low Cost Flexible high performance Test Cables.
  • Miltech – Extreme Environments hermetically sealed, low loss, low VSWR, phase stable and light weight options for airborne applications.
  • Zero-DB – Zero Loss, integrated LNA for critical aircraft applications.
  • SiO2 – Silicon Dioxide Extreme Environment military assemblies.
  • Military Tactical Field Deployable Antenna Feeder cables – Designed to withstand the riggors of repeated reeling for harsh Environments.
  • Heli-Foil – Low Loss High Performance Microwave Coaxial assemblies.


Radiall offers a specialized range of RF & Microwave coaxial & multipin cable assemblies:

  • Corrugate
  • Flexible RG, KX, ECO, ECOX, LMR
  • Flexible Ultra-Low Loss SHF
  • Hand-Formable
  • Semi-Rigid
  • Space Qualified
  • TestPro Bench Test


Pasternack offer an excellent commercial range of:



L-com produces a range of High Performance Armoured Cable Assemblies that feature a stainless Steel Flexible Jacket. Built around a low loss coax cable that works to a range to 10 GHz, they are designed for use in the following applications;

  • Harsh industrial environment
  • High traffic production test systems
  • Installations susceptible to rodent damage


Pasternack RF coaxial test cables are high frequency assemblies used for various precision and testing applications. There coaxial test cables category consists of 18 GHz test cable assemblies, 26.5 GHz armoured test cable assemblies, 40 GHz armoured test cable assemblies, 165 series non-magnetic cable assemblies (0.165” diameter cable), 150 series cable assemblies (0.150” diameter cable), 095 series cable assemblies (0.095” diameter cable), and break out test cables.

Pasternack coaxial test cables are rated to perform accurately from DC to 65 GHz depending on the style and configuration. Pasternack coaxial RF test cables can be ordered with SMA, N, 3.5mm, 2.92mm, TNC, 1.85mm, 2.4mm, MCX and MMCX connectors. Straight, right angle and bulkhead connector options are available for both male and female versions. There flexible and formable coaxial test cables for RF and microwave can also be purchased with or without a cable jacket.

  • 095 Series Cable Assemblies
  • 150 Series Cable Assemblies
  • 165 Series Non-Magnetic Cable Assemblies
  • 18 GHz Test Cable Assemblies
  • 20 GHz Armoured Test Cable Assemblies
  • 26.5 GHz VNA Test Cable Assemblies
  • 40 GHz VNA Test Cable Assemblies
  • Radiall

    Radiall proudly announces the expansion of the TestPro range to now include TestPro 2 & TestPro 3.
    Test cable assemblies are the perfect solution for component/assembly shops, labs, automatic test equipment and test benches requiring durability due to continuous use.
    Different from standard cable assemblies, TestPro 2 is specially designed for applications that require repeated connect/disconnect test procedures and the ability to withstand strenuous movement and continuous flexing. This new 50 GHz bench test cable sets the standard for high performance measurement cables, and is the ideal solution for VNAs when flexibility and phase and loss stability is required.
    This cost saving solution provides excellent measurement repeatability and an extended life cycle over flexure.

    TestPro3-TDS – Technical Data Sheet (368kb)
    Test Pro TDS – Technical Data Sheet (387 kb)
    Radiall Testpro – Assemblies Catalogue(1 Mb)


    Times Microwave

    Times Microwave is aworld’s leading high performance cable assemblies manufacturer.  They are quite literally involved in just about every military project in the United States & Europe and are renown for their superior expertise, capability & performance in challenging applications.


    Aerospace Assembly Catalogue – Miltech, high performance microwave cable assemblies for military electronic warfare systems, commercial aircraft, shipboard and ground based communications systems.

    MilTech catalogue 2MB


    MaxGain Range of fully tested Cable Assemblies designed for Loss Critical performance. The cable is designed to work from DC to 18GHz and uses a revolutionary outer conductor geometry to provide ultra-stable low loss performance. Coupled with a full range of passivated stainless steel connectors these assemblies are ideally suited for applications where lowest loss and good stability with bending is required.

    MaxGain Cable Assemblies

    High Power Cables & Assemblies – This range offers Times’s broad range of high power coax cable & assemblies designed for  medical (MRI) semiconductor manufacturing equipment, lasers, particle physics experimentation & industrial application.

    High Power Cables & Assemblies 1.5MB


    PhaseTrack II Test Cables with Replaceable Connectors –  Thermally phase stable cable assemblies for phased arrays, test cables & systems platforms.

    PhaseTrack II 0.3MB


    PhaseTrack™ 210 Test Cables & Connectors – Thermally stable test cables with removable, interchangeable connectors that experience lowest phase change with temperature fluctuations.

    PhaseTrack 210 0.7MB


    SiO2 Silicon Dioxide Coaxial Cable Assemblies – Crack-free, low loss glass dielectric & laser welded technology combine to provided unequalled low loss VSWR and hermetic Sealing performance.

    SiO2 1.2MB


    SFT Coax Connectors & Assemblies – Professional grade test cables and adaptors for testing portable and mobile radios.

    Stripflex II 2.7MB


    Field Deployable Antenna Feeder Cable Assemblies – LMR R, T-Com R & QEAM™ cables are suited for the rigors of any mobile, portable or temporary field antenna deployment.

    Field Deployable 1.4MB


    Silverline™ Economical High Performance Test Cables

    Silverline™ Economical High Performance Test Cables 1.7MB


    TuffGrip™ – For wireless system testing, make connections with just one wrench.

    TuffGrip 0.7MB


    QMA Test Cables – Professional grade test cables & adaptors for testing portable and mobile radios.

    QMA Test Cables 1.2MB