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Cellular/Telecommunications Products

Couplers 694-2700MHz 4.3/10 Series Connectors

AMA-1257-xx-4310-T Coupler, 4.8,6,7,8,10,13,15,20 & 30dB, 694-2700MHz, 4.30/10 Connectors Low PIM -150dBc Min

AMA-1257-3HYB-4310   Hybrid 3dB Coupler, 694-2700MHz, 4.3/10 Female Connectors Lo PIM -150dBc Min


Couplers 700-2700MHz

AMA-1257-XX-N Several values Couplers N Connectorized

AMA-1257-XX-716 Several values Couplers 7/16 Connectorized

AMA-1248-3HYB-716-HIO  Narrow band, 1700-1870MHz High Isolation (38-40dB) 3dB Hybrid 4 Port Coupler

AMA-1249-3HYB-716-HIO  Narrow band, 890-960 MHz, High Isolation (30-40dB)3dB Hybrid Coupler

Couplers 800-2500MHz

AMA-1255-XX-1W Series  N Type Directional Couplers

AMA-1255-XX-716  Series 716 Connectorized Direction Couplers

AMA-1255-3HYB-716 Hybrid 3dB Coupler 7/16 Connectors

AMA-1255-XX-716IO/NFISC  – Directional Coupler N & 7/16 connectors

Couplers UHF 200-2700 & 350-520MHz

AMA-1100-3HYB-N 3dB Hybrid Coupler N Type

AMA-1100-XX Series Directional Couplers N Type – drawing
AMA-1100-XX Series Directional Couplers N Type – description

AMA-1122-10-EN  200-800MHz 10dB Directional Coupler N Type

AMA-1118-10-XX  380-2200MHz 10dB Broadband Coupler N Type – drawing
AMA-1118-10-XX  380-2200MHz 10dB Broadband Coupler N Type – description

Cross Band Couplers 800-1000MHz & 1710-2200MHz

AMA-4251 Series Crossband Coupler used to diplex 800-900MHz AMPS/USDC & GSM with 1800MHz systems such as PCS, DCS 1800, PCS & 3G Next Generation Networks.

AMA-4251-N N Type

AMA-4251-NH High Power with Heatshrink

AMA-4251-716 7/16 connectorised

Custom Designed Couplers

AMA-1296-20-SF 9.6GHz, 20dB Coupling value, IP65 Rated sealed box, SMA female connectorised, 200 Watt compact coupler.


Hybrid Couplers

Rojone manufactures a range of Cellular frequency, standard and high isolation 3dB Hybrid couplers.

Frequency RangeIsolationConnectorTypePowerPart Number
890-960 MHz-28dBTyp. HI Iso*38-40dB7/16 DIN Female4 Way200 W Average          AMA-1249-3HYB-716-HIO
1725-1850 Mhz-28dBTyp. HI Iso*38-40dB7/16 DIN Female4 Way201 W Average          AMA-1248-3HYB-716-HIO
1700-1870 MHz-28dBTyp. HI Iso*38-40dB7/16 DIN Female4 Way202 W Average          AMA-1248A-3HYB-716-HIO
1900-2190 Mhz-28dBTyp. HI Iso*38-40dB7/16 DIN Female4 Way203 W Average          AMA-1248B-3HYB-716-HIO
700-2700 MHz-28dBTyp.7/16 DIN Female4 Way204 W Average          AMA-1257-3HYB-716

* Our high isolation range of 3dB Hybrid Couplers are manufactured and matched to our AMA-5256 series of Low PIM cable loads, the Hybrid 3dB Coupler must be ordered with and be terminated to our RF Load AMA-5256 Series with a minimum Return Loss of

Pasternack Directional Couplers

Directional couplers are passive devices that couple part of the transmission power in a transmission line.  These directional RF couplers change by a known amount out through another port.  A typical RF directional coupler often uses two transmission lines set close enough together such that energy passing through one is coupled to the other.

Pasternack directional RF couplers provide the bandwidth, high directivity and higher power at up to 60W that designers need for their most demanding applications from stock, max 5 working days delivery within Australia.

Broadband Directional Couplers SMA connectorisedbroadband & Octave ranging from 0.5GHz to 18GHz, various coupling values.

Dual Directional Couplers SMA Various coupling values 10, 20 & 30dB, Octave frequencies 0.5 to 18GHz.

High Power Directional Couplers600 Watts CW, 10K Peak, 30dB Coupling, input & output connectors N Female, Coupled ports SMA Female.

Standard RF & Microwave Couplers

Radiall Couplers

Radiall Coupler Catalogue & Application Notes 2.7MB

3dB 90 Degree hybrid SMA coaxial couplers 1.2MB
7-12.4GHz, 12.4-18GHz & 6-18GHz

Flat response unidirectional coaxial couplers 1MB
Ranging in frequency from 0.9GHz to 18GHz in various coupling values

3dB 90 Degree hybrid high power coaxial couplers 1.1MB
Ranging in frequency from 0.15GHz to 18GHz

Directional high power coaxial couplers 1.0MB
Average Input power 100 or 400 Watts, 30 or 40dB Coupling 6-18GHz & 300 Watts, 2-8 GHz versions

Space Qualified Coaxial Couplers – Radiall has designed their couplers for high reliability space programs such as ULYSSES< SPOT 1.11, ITALSAT, TELECOM 1.11 & GIOTTO.  Contact us for further details –