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A-900 Series of Ground Independent, 2.45GHz Dipole Antennas



A-900 Series of 2.45GHz Ground Independent, low profile dipole antennas have been designed with a typical

Return loss of -18dB, with a gain of 2dBi typically, 3dBi with ground of greater than 100x100mm. These antennas were specifically designed to meet individual customer needs for robust, reliable antennas for 2.45GHz, Wlan industrial & machine control applications.   This product is offered in a range of connector types, N Male straight and right angle versions, Female, Reverse polarity TNC connector, even an epoxy sealed version for temporary water immersion.

Specifications are attached for your information.

Should you require a variation to this product, please contact our Sales Consultants for more information.


A-900 2.45GHz Fibreglass Dipole, N Male

A-900-13A-ENV 2.45GHz Epoxy Sealed Environmental Dipole N Plug

A-900-13A-FLX6 2.45GHz Nylon Flexible Dipole N Plug

A-900-13B-HEX 2.45GHz Fibreglass Dipole, Hex RA N Plug

A-900-13C 2.45GHz Fibreglass Dipole, Straight N Jack
A-900-13F 2.45GHz Fibreglass Dipole, N Bulkhead Jack

A-900-17A 2.45GHz Fibreglass Dipole, SMA Plug
A-900-17B 2.45GHz Fibreglass Dipole, SMA Right Angle Plug
A-900-24A 2.45GHz Fibreglass Dipole, TNC Plug
A-900-24H 2.45GHz Fibreglass Dipole, TNC Reverse Polarity Plug