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High performance range of Low Intermodulation (Low PIM<-140dBc typically) Directional and Omni-directional dome & panel antennas.
Dome antennas are available for ceiling or in-ceiling covert mounting &  operate over the full 698 to 2700 MHz Frequency range, your quality antenna choice for In-Building Cellular applications.
Panel antennas MIMO dual polarised  are ideal for GSM, CDMA, Wi-Fi, WiMAX and LTE systems.


  • A-460 Series, 800-3000 MHz Broadband, IBC Microcell Omni, Directional & In-ceiling Mount Antennas
  • A-466 Series,  698-960 / 1710-3700 MHz Omni Directional Super Broad Band to 3.7 Ghz  Antennas
  • AI-467 Series, 698-2700 MHz Broadband Low PIM IBC MicroCell Omni, Directional & In-ceiling Mount Antenna
  • AI-468, Dual-Polarised MIMO 1710-2700MHz & 700-960/1710-2700MHz Directional Panel Antenna
  • AI-469, Dual-Polarised MIMO 1710-2700MHz & 800-960/1710-2700MHz Directional Panel Antenna
  • A-480-RTA-9, 830-890 MHz High Gain Ground Independent Omni Directional Antenna
  • A-490 Series, 800-1600MHz, 15MHz bandwidth tunable Mini-Dome antennas
  • SA-SAA04-02038A ,870-960MHz 8dBi Gain  Linear Polarised Panel Antenna N Female Connector

In-Ceiling Mount Antennas

A-470-ICM, 350-2500MHz In Ceiling Mount, Covert installation Broad Band Omni Directional Antenna 3-6dBi Gain.

GSM/Next G/3G Glass Mount Antennas

API-ANT475/485 & API-ANT490, GSM-850/900/1800/3G-2100MHz on glass mount antennas


AMA-2257-2N, 2 Way N Type Splitters

AMA-2257-2-716, 2 Way 7/16 Splitters Low PIM

AMA-2257-4N, 4 Way N type Splitter

AMA-2257-4-716, 4 Way 7/16 Splitters Low PIM


AMA-1257-XX-N, Several values Couplers N Connectorised

AMA-1257-XX-716, Several values Couplers 7/16 Connectorised

Hybrid Coupler

AMA-1257-3HYB-716 3dB 700-2700MHz 4 Port Hybrid Coupler

Multi-Network Combiners

ROJ-074NMT-4-4-716 100 Watt 4 Inputs/4 Outputs, 700-2700MHz Frequency range, -150dBc Low PIM 716 Connectorised

Cable Loads, High Power, Low PIM < 150dBC

AMA-5257 Series Low PIM Cable Loads 700-2700 MHz 4G LTE, Small Cable Load, PIM <150dBc, DIN 7/16 Male, Female, N Male or Female 50 Ohms, 25, 30, 50 or 100 Watts

Rojone has just released its new range of broadband 4G LTE Cable Loads.  These loads are compact, lightweight (<1kg) & high performance, neatly presented on a laser cut stainless steel frame for easy installation.

AMA-5247CL-100W-30A 700-2700 MHz 4G LTE, Economical Cable Load, LOW PIM <150dBc, DIN 7/16 Male Plug, 50 Ohm, 100 Watts

AMA-5247CL-30W-30A 700-2700 MHz 4G LTE, Economical Cable Load, LOW PIM <150dBC, DIN 7/16 Male Plug, 50 Ohm, 30 Watts