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Lightning Protector Selection Guide

Rojone offers a range of lightning protection devices.

AMA-180 Low IM Lightning Protector – 800-2500 MHz

AMA-181 Low IM Lightning Protector – 400-520 MHz

N Connectorised Gas Arrestor

RJN-ST-N1N0 – Commercial DC to 5.8575 GHz N Male to N Female Arrestor

RJN-ST-N0N0 – Commercial DC to 5.8575 GHz N Female to N Female Arrestor

DIN 7/16 Connectorised Arrestor

ROJ-180A – Commercial 800-2500MHz DIN 7/16 Male to DIN 7/16 Female Connector

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Times Microwave NEW Lightning Protection range

Times Microwave Systems has introduced its new, innovative Times-Protect™ line of surge and lightning protection products.  These unique surge protection devices address applications throughout the entire useful RF frequency range from DC with capability up to and including 6 GHz.

Products available include:

LP-STR Series 800 MHz – 2500 MHz (DIN and N connector configurations), excellent passive intermodulation (PIM) performance, outstanding IL/RL characteristics, DC blocked for superior surge performance, high surge current rating, Broadband multi-strike design, high power rating over the entire frequency band & fully weatherised housing to IP67 standard.



LP-GTR Series DC – 3000 MHz (DIN and N connector configurations), DC pass, multi-strike capability, replaceable gas tube design, Broadband bidirectional performance, excellent IL/RL performance over the entire operating frequency band & fully weatherised housing to IP67 standard.


GTRN N Types

LP-BTR Series 125 MHz – 1000 MHz, DC blocking technology, excellent multi-strike performance, exceptional longevity, excellent multi-strike performance, outstanding IL/RL characteristics & superior surge performance.


LP-BTRW Series addresses applications in the 20MHz to 1000MHz spectrum.  Weatherised to IP67 making it ideal for outdoor applications.

LP-BTRW-NFF – N Female connectors on surge and protected sides

LP-BTRW-NMP – N Male connector on protected side with N Female connector on surge side

LP-BTRW-NMS – N Male connector on surge side with N Female connector on protected side

Times Protect brochure 1.3MB

LP-GPX-05 Series now available with a type N, SMA, or TNC  interface. Return loss characteristics from 1000 to 2000 MHz. Exceptional DC pass designs protect GPS receivers requiring up to 5Vdc power to be supplied on the center pin for L1, L2 and L3 bands. Fully weatherised housing is rated to IP65 allowing for outdoor installations.

GPX-S Technical Data Sheet

GPX Technical Data Sheet

LP-GPX-T Series offers outstanding Insertion Loss and Return Loss characteristics over the 1000-2000MHz band, making it suitable for protection of commercial and military GPS, as well as other applications in this band. Fully weatherised housing is rated to IP65 allowing for outdoor installations.

LP-GPX-05-TFF – TNC Female connectors on surge and protected sides – bidirectional

LP-GPX-05-TFM – TNC Male connector on one side & TNC Female connector on the other side – bidirectional


Radiall Professional Lightning Protection

Radiall Lightning Protectors Catalogue 1.4MB

Radiall has an extensive range of professional N & DIN 7/16, IP67, Quarter Wave Stub and Gas Discharge Lightning protection devices.  Radiall’s arrestors are typically single band devices designed specifically for CDMA.


Pasternack Range

Pasternack stock a range of Surge Protectors.
Rojone – GPS Product Guide
Rojone has a full range of Lightning Protection, to download a copy of our GPS catalogue click on the link below.

Rojone – GPS Product Guide (3mb)