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MIMO Antennas

A Multi-input Multi-output (MIMO) antenna is one that has two or more antennas in a single physical package.

The advantages of a MIMO Antenna is that they offer significant range and throughput compared to traditional Wi-Fi antennas while using the same transmit power. The IEEE 802.11n standard uses MIMO technology to increase performance, range, and reliability.

MIMO technology uses Multipath (when wireless signals “bounce” off of objects and arrive at the receiver at different times) to improve wireless performance. MIMO technology takes a single data stream and breaks it down into several separate data streams and sends it out over multiple antennas. This provides redundancy

MIMO antennas are ideal for use with wireless Access Points/CPE with MIMO capabilities. These antennas are available for 802.11a/b/g/n as well as 802.11ac applications. MIMO Antenna types include Ceiling , Mini Patch, Panel, Dish and Yagi antennas. Custom MIMO antennas are available.


A-966-02318F-100  MIMO Antenna, 2.4 / 5.8 MHz, Dome packaged style, SMA Reverse Polarity Plug, 6 Tails, 3 x 2.4 GHz, 3 x 5.8GHz

AI-468, Dual-Polarised MIMO 1710-2700MHz & 700-960/1710-2700MHz Directional Panel Antenna

AI-469, Dual-Polarised MIMO 1710-2700MHz & 800-960/1710-2700MHz Directional Panel Antenna


MIMO Antenna range from SmartAnt including CPE, Last Mile, Point-to-MultiPoint, Point-to-Point

SAA08-050450 Dual Polarization Directional Antenna for 2300-2700MHz

SAA08-120250 Dual Polarization Directional Antenna for 3300-3800MHz

SAA08-200140 Dual Polarization Directional Antenna for 5150-6100MHz

SAA08-050680 Dual Polarization Directional Antenna for 2300-2700MHz

SAA08-120690 Dual Polarization Directional Antenna for 3300-3800MHz

SAA08-200700 Dual Polarization Directional Antenna for 5150-5875MHz,

SAA09-050070, Dual Polarization Directional Antenna for 2300-2700MHz

SAA09-220140, Omni Directional Antenna for 2400-2500MHz & 5150-575MHz

SAA10-200110, Dual Polarization Directional Antenna for 5150-5875MHz