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New facility and ISO certification for Pasternack Enterprise

Established in 1972, Pasternack has evolved to offer one of the most extensive lines of RF coaxial and fibre optic products to over 16,000 customers.  Pasternack manufactures coaxial connectors, coaxial adapters, coaxial cables, attenuators, directional couplers, fibre optic connectors, fibre optic adapters, fibre optic cables, Twinax connectors, Twinax adapters, Twinax cables, power dividers, coaxial switches, terminators and tools.

With their full range of products exclusively distributed by Rojone Pty Ltd, Pasternack Enterprises have recently moved into a larger purpose-built facility in California.  They now have a great breadth of product and depth of inventory of any supplier of RF coax and fibre optic parts and assemblies.  Pasternack stock their anticipated annual turnover of product at all times, so they are never out of stock of any product in their catalogue.  Delivery to Australian customers is typically under a week.

In addition, Pasternack Enterprises are ISO 9001:2008 certified and a Certified Green Business by the Institute for Green Business Certification.

New facility

Certified Green Business

ISO9001 2008 certificate