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Switches, Coaxial Switching Products

R-299142-821 MCX Connector Type

R-299142-821 MCX Connector Type

RF power switching connectors are surface mountable.  It is a two in one solution replacing the existing standard RF switches by integrating the switch function into the connector. This solution provides a unique means of switching between two RF signal paths. The switch is mechanically activated by mating and un-mating the connectors. Applications include Telecommunications products, wireless devices, RF power amplifiers, and any low power device requiring transmission re-direction. The main advantage is high reliability, increased board density capabilities, excellent electrical and mechanical performance and cost savings. As well as the stock MCX version, Switch Connectors are also available in N, TNC, SMA, QN, QMA and other Coaxial series.

Pasternack Coaxial RF Relay Switches

Selection guide for off-the-shelf products:

N Connectors, SPDT relay switch products include various frequency ranges.  Frequencies of N type SPDT relay switches are DC to 4GHz or DC to 8GHz.

N type transfer relay switch products have a broad frequency range.  Transfer relay switches with N type connectors include DC to 4GHz frequencies.

SMA Connectors, Coax RF switches with SMA connectors offer a variety of configurations SPDT, SP10T, SP4T, SP6T, SPDT & Transfer Relay Switch.

Coaxial RF switch product line for RF applications include two types of switches.  Pasternack coax RF switches include A/B switches and single pole switches.  Our coaxial RF switches are available in BNC, BNC 75OHM or N type connectors for A/B switches and SMA connectors for single pole switches.

Coaxial RF Transfer Switch, SMA connector transfer switches have a broad band of frequencies.  The frequency range of SMA transfer switch products are from 10MHz to 18GHz.

Manual Coaxial RF Switch with built-in Surge protectors.

Radiall Switches

Radiall is one of Europe’s leading Coaxial Switch designers & manufacturers.  Their innovative RAMSES system was developed to increase the long term reliability of conventional RF Coaxial switches.   The patented concept provides their relays with a typical operating life of 10 million cycles while suffering NO decrease in contact resistance reliability over time.   The new design’s mechanical construction also makes it much more cost effective to manufacture compared to traditional switches.

Radiall offers a comprehensive range of configurations:

Radiall Coaxial Switching Products – Technical Information 7MB

Radiall Coaxial Switching Products – SPDT Switches 6.6MB

Radiall Coaxial Switching Products – DP3T & SPDT Terminated Switches 3.6MB

Radiall Coaxial Switching Products – DPDT Switches 3.6MB

Radiall Coaxial Switching Products – SPnT Switches 9.3MB

Radiall Coaxial Switching Products – SPACE Switches 2.9MB

Radiall Coaxial Switching Products – Others 1.7 MB


Radiall Switch website

SPDT, DPDT & SP”n”T Switches, failsafe, latching, transfers  DC-1, DC-3, DC-12.4, DC-18, DC -26.5 & DC-40GHz devices
A range of connector styles SMA 2.9, SMA, N, TNC, BNC and 1.6/5.6

SMT Power Micro-SPDT with 10GHz capability Slimline Series