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RF Detectors

RF detectors are designed to convert an RF signal to a video output.  The RF and microwave detector series is available in linear and log varieties.  The RF and microwave detectors are available in biased Schottky and zero bias Schottky configurations and operating frequencies from 100KHz to 26 GHz.  The RF detector impedance and connector options are 50 or 75 Ohm BNC and 50 Ohm SMA.

Detectors, Biased Schottky Diode

Biased Schottky diode detectors are broadband biased detectors.  Pasternack RF and microwave biased Schottky diode detectors have SMA male connector inputs and SMA female connector outputs.  Maximum input power for all biased Schottky diode detector components is 200mW CW.  Negative output polarity is standard for all biased Schottky diode detectors

Detectors BNC

RF and microwave detectors with BNC connectors are linear and cover a frequency range from 100kHz to 1GHz.  The RF and microwave detector input has the BNC male connector end, and the DC output has a BNC female connector end.

Detectors, Zero Bias Schotty Diode