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Low Smoke Zero Halogen – LMR Cable

Times Microwave represented by Rojone in Australia is pleased to introduce LMR- LSZH (Low Smoke Zero Halogen LMR Cable), as a lower
cost alternative to LMR-FR cables when CMR rate is not required.
Advanced features and benefits:

  • Low Smoke Low Toxicity Non-halogen
  • Flame: Meets IEC-332-1-2, IEC 332-3 CAT.C, UL-VW1, UL-1581, IEE-383, BS-
    4066-1, BS-4066-3, UL-1685, NFPA-130
  • Smoke: Meets IEC-61034-2, NES-711
  • Halogen: Meets IEC-60754-1, BS 6425-1, IEC-60754-2, BS 6425-2
  • UV Resistant: Meets UL-1581, 720 Hour UV Exposure
  • Non-UL Listed Cable
  • LMR connector, install tools and hardware accessories can be directly used
SizeDrawing NoMI NumberOrder Code

Times Microwave Systems specialises in the design & manufacture of high performance flexible, Low Loss, semi-rigid & standard coaxial M17 cable, for RF transmission from HF through Microwave frequencies DC to 46GHz.

What is LMR Cable? Times LMR Cables are high performance, broadband, flexible, low loss 50 and 75 Ohm coaxial communications cables designed for use in wireless applications such as;

2 way land mobile, IEEE<802.11a & 802.11b, Cellular, Wireless local loop, PCS, LMDS, Wireless Internet (WISP), MMDS, Broadband wireless data, CLEC, Telemetry, Paging, and many more.

LMR is a complete system of cables, connectors, installation tools & accessories – everything you need to make your job simple and successful.

What is the advantage of LMR? Times LMR cables have RF performance comparable to traditional corrugated copper cables, but unlike corrugated cables, LMR is highly flexible, non-kinking and offers unsurpassed ease and speed of connection installation.  Compared to RG type braided cables, LMR offers far lower loss & better RF Shielding.

Are the LMR Series Cables exclusive to Times Microwave? Yes.  LMR is a registered Trademark of Times Microwave.  The LMR Series is a family of high quality communications cables & accessories designed and manufactured by Times Microwave USA.

Times Microwave manufactures high quality products; all cables are maked with the company brand, LMR trademark and code.  Please be aware of inferior imitation cables and assemblies sold unlawfully as LMR series products.

Times Microwave has exclusively appointed Rojone its Australian agent, with their full support .  We are the authorised stockist for their LMR series Low Loss cables, accessories & Military coaxial cable & assembly range.

LMR Standard Cable Codes

LMR 100A OD=0.110 inches, 2.79 mm
LMR 195 OD=0.195 inches, 4.95 mm
LMR 240 OD=0.240 inches, 6.10 mm
LMR 400 OD=0.405 inches, 10.29 mm
LMR 600 OD=0.590 inches, 14.99 mm
LMR 900 OD=0.870 inches, 22.10 mm
LMR 1200 OD=1.200 inches, 30.48mm
LMR 1700 OD=1.670 inches, 42.42mm

LMR Ultra Flex Cable Codes – Stranded center conductor & thermoplastic rubber jacket for maximum flexibility.

LMR 195-Ultra OD=0.195 inches, 4.95mm
LMR 240-Ultra OD=0.240 inches, 6.10mm
LMR 400-Ultra OD=0.405 inches, 10.29mm
LMR 600-Ultra OD=0.590 inches, 14.99 mm

LMR 75 Ohm Cable Codes

LMR 240-75 OD=0.240 inches, 6.10mm
LMR 400-75 OD=0.405 inches, 10.29mm
LMR 600-75 OD=0.590 inches, 14.99mm

Times LMR Specialized product, Light Weight LMR, Fire Retardant version, Low Smoke, Military.

LMR-FR – Fire retardant cable for installation in building vertical risers or where fire retardancy is critical, both UL & CSA listed (CMR/CATVR).

LMR-DB – Watertight cables with an inert flooding compound injected in the braid to completely eliminate the possibility of any water migration, with a 10 year warranty.

LMR-PVC – Polyvinylchloride outer jacket for enhanced flexibility.

New LMR-SW low loss, low PIM high performance 50 Ohm coax cable with a seamless alumnium outer conductor, providing superior durability in bending compared to seam-welded cables and superior electrical performance compared to corrugated cables.  Compared to corrugated cables, LMR-SW cable is lighter and provides significant cost savings.  The easily field installed connectors have superior weather sealing, VSWR and consistent PIM performance.  LMR-SW cables are the perfect solution for PIM-sensitive installations such as full duplex transmission lines and co-located sites.  They are suitable for short to medium height tower runs and flexible enough to be used as jumper cables in cell-sites and other RF applications up to 6 GHz.  The high quality type N and 716 DIN connectors are user friendly and provide excellent and reliable performance when installed with the easy-to-use cable prep tools.  Typical PIM performance better than -170dBc can be achieved consistently.  Groundign kits, hangers and other installation accessories are also available.  Available cables;

CABLE SIZE      OD        ATTENUATION db/100 ft
LMR-SW396      0.450″   2.06 @ 450 MHz
3.00 @ 900 MHz
4.41 @ 1800 MHz
LMR-SW540      0.610″   1.46 @ 450 MHz
2.11 @ 900 MHz
3.06 @ 1800 MHz

LLSB – Low Smoke, Low Loss Military Shipboard Cables, qualified to MIL-DTL-17 specifications commencing with M17/220 200LLSB throught to M17/228 1700LLSB.

195LLSB – 0.195 inch/4.95 mm OD Low Smoke, Low Loss cable is now available from Times Microwave and stocked in Australia by Rojone.
LLSB Performance Specifications 1MB

Other LMR products in the Times range;

Download Cable Performance Calculators
Loss & Power Calculator VSWR & Return Loss Calculators

Times LMR Coaxial Connectors

Times LMR Accessories, Hangers, Tooling, etc


Habia Cable is a leading global supplier of standard & custom wire & electrical cables including equipment wire, twisted wire, signal cables, coaxial cables and triaxial cables for industrial, commercial, defence, nuclear and communications applications.

Stocked in their most popular Coax cable TZC-500-25 Silver plated, double shielded offering excellent loss & intermodulation characteristics.  This cable has been designed into most Nokia/Ericsson base station radio sets.

TZC-500-25 Electrical Performance Spec

RG 214 (LS0H) – Low smoke zero halogen cables

Trompeter Electronics produces RF interconnect end products, cross-connects, and related tools for the Telecom, Central Office, Broadcast, Military Aerospace, and Instrumentation markets worldwide.  In addition, the company has a broad line of patch panel insertion-controlled interconnect modules.