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Fibre Optic Connectors and associated items

Radiall™ is considered one of Europe’s leading Fibre Optic companies, having developed many specialised connectors for unique & diverse military & commercial applications.

Radiall Fibre Optic Connectors

EC Connectors – (F715) EC is a Radiall proprietary connector designed for Telecom & CATV networks, with a plastic body and push-pull type.  Its very low return loss makes EC also highly recommended for sensor applications.  Available in multimode and single mode PC and APC configurations.  Radiall’s proprietary EC product range is a revolutionary solution providing very high performance and easy to use connectors.  Combining the advantages of angled, polished fibers and membrane usage (providing a non-physical contact), the EC connector has a very low reflection rate and is able to accommodate up to 100 cycles.

EC D6125CE 1MB


F-SMA Connectors – F-SMA is one of the first generation of fibre optic connectors.  Established as a standard in the industry, it is now used in many applications, such as industrial and medical, in which the connector can be adapted with a large range of MultiMode fibres.  They are designed for systems requiring reliable performance over short and medium ranges.


FC Connectors– (F729) FC connector is based on 2.5mm ceramic ferrule technology with a threaded metallic body screw-on type.  FC is mainly used for Telecom-Datacom applications and for measurement equipment.  Available in multimode and singlemode PC & APC configurations.  The FC connector is a fibre optic connector with a screw thread locking mechanism to withstand high-vibration environments.  Radiall’s FC connector is composed of a plated nickel housing and a 2.5 mm ceramic ferrule and is compliant with the CEI 61754-13 standard.

SC-FC-ST D6123CE 1.5MB


LC Connectors – (F727) LC Small Form Factor connector is based on 1.25mm ceramic ferrule technology with a plastic body and a latching system.  LC is used in all high density fiber optic applications.  Available in multimode and singlemode PC & APC configurations.  Radiall LC connector is the Small Form Factor (SFF) solution for high density applications and features the familiar latching mechanism of the RJ-45 modular plug.  The LC connector is ideal to guarantee very high performance while saving space.  It benefits from the most advanced of Radiall’s technologies, such as the secured bonding and crimping reliability to provide a secure connection and very fast assembly.

LC D6F124DE 1.5MB

LuxCis® (ARINC 801) – contact, chosen to be the ARINC 801 standard for aerospace fiber optic assemblies.  Available for various multipin connectors in multimode or singlemode PC or APC configurations.  The Luxcis product range is a proven flexible and always expanding fibre optic interconnect solution for MultiMode and SingleMode applications in aerospace and other harsh environments.

LuxCis D6F206CE 2MB


LxC-R® – (LXCR) single channel fiber optic connector for transmissions in severe environmental conditions.  Design compatible with LuxCis® Arinc 801 contact.  Main applications are Inflight Entertainment systems, Sensors, RF over Fiber and remote antenna links.

LxC-R D7F002CE 1MB


MIL-DTL-38999 for LuxCis® (ARINC 801) contacts – MIL-DTL-38999 circular connectors are specifically designed for LuxCis® contacts, as described in the ARINC 801 standard for aerospace fiber optic interconnect assemblies.  Available in multimode and singlemode PC & APC configurations.

MILDTL38999 D7F001CE 1MB


MIL-PRF-29504 type contacts – (F722/F724) These contacts (termini) are designed per MIL-PRF-29504 for military and aerospace applications.  Specific part numbers must be ordered to fit a specific circular or rectangular connector.  Available in size 16 or size 12.  MIL-PRF-29504 fibre optic termini were developed several decades ago and are described in several MIL standard documents.  They have been designed to fit into standard electrical cavities within circular or rectangular multipin connectors and do not require specific inserts.  However, standard electrical connectors are not optimised for optical connection with small core fibres and MIL-PRF-29504 fibre optic termini show lower optical performance than more recent designs, such as the LuxCis.

Termini29504 D6F140DE 2.2MB


ODC (Outdoor Connector)The ODC connector was designed for FTTA (Fiber-To-The-Antenna) outdoor links in Telecom wireless applications.  It is a robust waterproof connector.  Cable assemblies available in 2 or 4 channels, multimode and singlemode.  Dedicated to outdoor optical connections, ODC connectors are available with MultiMode or SingleMode simplex or outdoor field cables.  A quick-locking design with IP67 sealing and low loss insertion allows this connector to be used in harsh environments.

ODC D1F220DE 1.5MB


Osis Plug Kit – The Osis Plug Kit is adapted to all types of optical cable assemblies with simples or duplex standard LC connectors and 5 to 7 mm diameter MultiMode or SingleMode field cable – other diameters on request.


PROBEAM®(F739) Pro Beam®is a hermaphroditic expanded beam robust connector with low sensitivity to dust and high durability.  Ideal for outdoor tactical applications.  Available in multimode or singlemode configurations, up to 4 channels.  The Pro Beam is a fibre optic interconnect solution based on the expanded beam technology.

ProBeam D6F210DE 1MB


R2CT: Radiall 2 Connectors to Transceiver – The R2CT connection system is the most flexible outdoor interconnection system that meets the needs of telecommunication OEMs and operators for fibre-to-the-antenna (FTTA) and similar multisignal applications in field conditions.  At the panel front of the Remote Radio Head (RRH) and Unit (RRU) equipment, the R2CT provides a simple and protected low-cost waterproof and sealed connection.  Designed firstly for optical links using SFP transceivers and duplex LC-terminated fibre-optic cable, this very flexible connector is also useful for electrical links.


SC(F728) SC connector is based on 2.5mm ceramic ferrule technology with a plastic body and push-pull type.  SC is used in many applications, mostly in datacom and Telco/CATV networks.  Available in multimode and singlemode PC & APC configurations.  The SC connector is a fibre optic connector with a push-pull latching mechanism which provides quick insertion and removal, while ensuring a robust connection, thanks to its “pull-proof” concept.

SC-FC-ST D6123CE 1.5MB


ST(R203) 4 GHz / 50 ohms / Snap-on.  All the advantages of SMB in a smaller connector.  This series is mostly used in handheld wireless devices.  The ST connector is a fibre optic connector using a bayonet locking system making the installation quick and easy.  It is made of a nickel plated housing and 2.5 mm ceramic ferrule.  The spring loaded mechanism provides a tight connection with precise alignment between contact points.

SC-FC-ST D6123CE 1.5MB


Transceivers D-Light & S-Light – D-Lightsys, a Radiall company, has developed highly integrated and robust pigtailed transceivers for military or aerospace applications.  Also available in transmitting or receiving only configurations.

Radiall White Papers and Application Guides


VFO Series – (F716) VFO is a Radiall proprietary connector based on conical stainless steel ferrule with a metal body and screw-on type.  Available in multimode and single mode configurations.



Tooling – (F780) This section covers tools and accessories necessary to terminate Radiall fibre optic connectors and test or repair fiber optic cable assemblies. Available in kits or as individual parts.

Radiall Tooling


FO Accessories – F718 caps, crimp ferrules, duplex braces, coloured boots, etc.

Radiall Accessories


FO Adaptors – F719 in-series adaptors allow mating between two connectors of the same type.   Available in multimode and single mode, simplex and duplex configurations.

Radiall Adaptors


Cable Assemblies – a full range of cable assemblies is available covering all different needs for indoor, outdoor and harsh environment applications.  This includes patch cords, pigtails and multi-fbre assemblies and harnesses.


Reference Patchcords – Radiall offers a range of high performance Reference Patchcords (patchcords and pigtails) which are manufactured and tested using the latest high technology processes.  Including reference connectors, they are used as references for repeatable IL and RL measurements of assemblies and connections.


Assembly Kits – The assembly kits contain all the tools required to assemble the corresponding series, and are supplied with a clear assembly procedure.