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Circular Polarized High Gain Antenna

This compact antenna is a circular polarised stub loaded helix antenna with a performance
characteristic similar to a conventional helix while only being ¼ of the size.

A-965 Circular Polarized 2.3-2.6 GHz, High Gain Antenna
A-965-5’8 Circular Polarized 4.9-5.8 GHz,High Gain Antenna

4G / Next G Maximum Gain Mast Mount Antenna

These mast mount models offer the maximum gain and reception range practical in an omnidirectional cellular data link antenna.

A-CM1600AM 4G / Next G Maximum Gain Mast Mount

Multi-band Collinear Antenna

The COL2100 Series are high gain cellular antennas catering for 3G850, 3G900, GSM900/1800, GSM-R1800, PCS1900 and 3G2100 bands and ideally suited for use in fringe areas and rural applications. These antennas are extremely robust in design with a patented PCB design radiating element housed in a black fibreglass radome fitted to heavy duty stainless steel mounting tube.

A-COL2199 Multi-band Collinear Antenna

Collinear Antenna

SC412-HL PIM Certified Collinear omni antenna, 11.5 dBd gain, 746-869 MHz

SC420 Collinear omni antenna, 7.5 dBd gain, HD, 806-960 MHz

SC432D-L PIM Certified Collinear omni antenna, Dual ports, 0/3 dBd gain, low PIM, 746-869 MHz

SC432T-HL PIM Certified Triple collinear omni antenna, 0dBd gain, low PIM, 746-869 MHz

SC433 Collinear omni antenna, 2.5 dBd gain, HD, 750-960 MHz

SC433-L PIM Certified Collinear omni antenna, 2.5 dBd gain, low PIM, HD, 750-960 MHz

SC479 PIM Certified Collinear omni antenna, 9.5 dBd gain, HD, 746-869 MHz

SC488 Collinear omni antenna, 10 dBd gain, 806-960 MHz

SC488-H Collinear omni antenna, 10 dBd gain, HD, 806-960 MHz

SC488-HL PIM Certified Collinear omni antenna, 10 dBd gain, low PIM, HD, 806-960 MHz

SC488-L PIM Certified Collinear omni antenna, 10 dBd gain, low PIM, 806-960 MHz

SC489 Collinear omni antenna, 9 dBd gain, 806-940 MHz

SC489-H Collinear omni antenna, 9 dBd gain, low PIM, HD, 928-941 MHz Ground Plane

Directional Panel

SP440 Enclosed log periodic data system antenna, 6 dBd gain, 800-1000 MHz

SP470 Panel directive antenna, 6.5-10.5 dBd gain, 806-960 MHz

Enclosed Dipole Antenna

SE412 Enclosed 2 dipole array directional, 5 dBd gain, 806-960 MHz

SE414-L PIM Certified Enc. 4 dipole directional, 7.5 dBd gain, low PIM, 746-960 MHz

SE419-L PIM Certified Enc. 9 dipole directional, 10 dBd gain, low PIM, 746-960 MHz

Yagi Antennas 700-1000MHz Antenna

The Yagi antenna range is robustly constructed to be high performance for critical and remote installations.  They are manufactured either from 6060TS grade aluminium alloy and powder coated, or from 316 grade stainless steel, with all antenna’s being TIG & MIG welded.

Element A-Y4-6

9 Element A-Y4-9

15 Element A-Y4-15

Yagi Directional Antenna

SY406 Yagi directional antenna, 10 dBd gain, black anodised, 746-985 MHz

SY4062 Yagi directional antenna, 13 dBd gain, dual, 806-966 MHz

SY406R Yagi directional antenna, 10 dBd gain, radome, HD, 806-960 MHz

SY415 Yagi directional antenna, 12 dBd gain, 902-956 MHz

SY450 Yagi directional antenna, 6.5 dBd gain, 746-960 MHz

Corner Reflector Antenna

SV402 Corner reflector directive antenna, 10 dBd gain, 800-960 MHz

SV460 Corner reflector directive antenna, 15 dBd gain, 806-960 MHz Directional and Adjustable Enclosed Dipole

SE414-AL PIM Certified Enc. 4 dipole array, 8-11 dBd gain, low PIM, 746-960 MHz

SE419-AL PIM Certified Enc. 9 dipole array, 12-15 dBd gain, low PIM, 806-960 MHz