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While Rojone manufactures a huge antenna range, we also are partnered with companies who are leaders internationally.
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Radiall and COJOT offer a specialised range of Military antennas & custom designs to client specification;

Handheld Antennas
Flexible VHF Blade Antennas, fully over-molded Broadband Antennas
Tape Blade Antennas

Man Portable Antennas
VHF/UHF 90 degree configuration antennas
Monopole 100-512MHz with gooseneck
Tube Antennas

Small Form Factor Antennas
Whip Dipped Low Profile antennas for Unmanned Sensors UAV’s
Swivel Mount Dipoles 1400-1800MHz UAV & ground station as well as tactical data link antenna

Ruggedised Vehicular Antennas
VHF/UHF Antennas
Spring Mounted 1800 MHz Dual Band Colinear array antennas

Custom antennas
PMR Antennas for Homeland Security Applications
Smart Array Antennas, Beam Steered, Phased Array, Active & steering circuits, sectorial &

COJOT Antenna Brochure
NATO Band Solutions 2016
WB2245 Datasheet

R380000178 Radiall Broadband Overmoulded Whip Antenna 225 – 512 Mhz 10w (296 kb)
Radiall Defence & Military Antenna Solution guide 3.0MB

R380990016-Radiall-Vehicle-Antenna-Base-Mount-2014.pdf (498 kb)
The R380.990.016 Antenna is a 70W, Dipolar Design, Broadband Vehicular Antenna. The Phase-Center is located near the middle of the Tubular Radome. The antennae is Ground plane Independent Antenna that can be Mast-Mounted without particular impact on Electrical Performances.

 Omni-Directional Jammer Discone Antenna (AE-JD-1018) 398KB
The AE-JD-1018 Jammer Discone Antenna is a rugged all weather model, enclosed in an ABS radome, uses all ultra corrosion resistant aluminium alloy and does not require any field tuning or adjustments. The compact size of the omni-directional antenna allows easy handling, shipping and is highly suitable for transmitting & receiving without having the requirement of multiple antennas.

Bicone Antenna, Active Receive 10MHz to 2GHz (ROJ-130-x) 616KB

The ROJ-130-X is an Active Bicone Antenna originally designed for the Australian Navy for shipboard applications. It is primarily used as an active receive antenna for signals between 10MHz & 1GHz or 10MHz & 2GHz  (the frequency is determined by the amplifier selected by the customer).

The system consists of 3 main parts – the Antenna, Coaxial Cable, and Power Supply Module

Ruggedized Wide Band Omni Discone Antenna 75-3000 MHz

The AE-WD75-3000 is wide band heavy duty welded discone antenna is specially designed to survive extreme environmental conditions. Its low VSWR through the entire 75-3000 MHz band makes this discone antenna suitable as a high efficiency transmitting and receiving antenna.

This antennas superior performance meets the broadband requirement of a base station antenna for spectrum monitoring or jamming applications without the need of multiple antennas.


Wide Band Omni Direction Discone Antenna

The AE-AWD100-3000 wide band discone antenna is specially designed for Omni-Directional coverage. Due to its low VSWR through the entire band 100-3000MHz this discone can be used as a transmitting and receiving antenna.

Its high efficiency meets the broadband requirement of a base station antenna forspectrum monitoring or jamming applications without the need of multiple antennas.

The AE-AED100-3000 wide band discone antenna is ruggedized for all weather conditions and does not require any field tuning or adjustment. The compact size of this discone antenna allows for easy handling and has specially designed mounting hardware for fast installation. The wide band discone antenna when packed comes with the cone and disc elements removed from the antenna body for easy shipment.

AE-AWD100-3000 DISCONE ANTENNA (104kb)

UHF Vehicle Antenna

Radiall is proud to introduce a new UHF Vehicular Antenna for military applications. Embedded on terrestrial or marine vehicles, the robust design is engineered to withstand harsh environments without compromising electrical performance.

Radiall’s UHF Vehicular Antennas are ideal when excellent electrical performance and reliability is required.

The main benefits and features of these UHF Vehicular Antennas include:

  • Excellent electrical performance
  • High robustness & reliability
  • Small form factor