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Combiners, Duplex & Multi Couplers

GSM900/GSM1800/3G Triplexer

AMA-4253 is a high rejection triplexer, specially designed for NEXT-G/GSM900/1800 and and 3G systems.

AMA-4253 – GSM900/GSM1800/3G Triplexer

LTE Band Duplexer

AMA-4526 is a high performance duplexer, specially designed for LTE systems working in 2.5-2.7GHz band. It features flat amplitude and phase response, high isolation, low insertion loss and low group delay.

AMA-4526 is ideal for wideband high-speed digital radio applications, such as LTE and Wi-Max systems.

AMA-4526 – 2.5GHz – 2.7GHz LTE Band Duplexer

Low PIM UHF Duplexer

The AMA-4596 series are low PIM cavity duplexers, designed for UHF digital radio systems working from 400-520MHz. The typical bandwidth of the pass band is 4MHz with up to 90dB isolation to TX band.

A High performance LNA can be used to improve the system sensitivity (P/N: AMA-3312-15). Please specify RX & TX frequency band and connector requirements when ordering (eg. AMA-4596-480/490-NF).

AMA-4596 – 400-520 MHz Low PIM UHF Duplexer

8-Way Combiner/Duplexer

ROJ-723-8 (412KB) – 2300-2400MHz 8-in4-out Combiner

ROJ-723-8-8 (415KB) – 2300-2700MHz 8-in-8-out Combiner

AMA-4238-716A (1.1MB) – 2300-2400MHz Duplexer for ROJ-723-8

UHF Multi-combiner

ROJ-047 UHF Combiner/Divider System(206KB)

4-Way Coupler

AMA-1257-xx-1W – 700-2700 MHz 4-Port Coupler