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SATEL OyMasters in wireless data communication

SATEL Oy, established in 1986, is a Finnish electronics and telecommunications company that specialises in the design, manufacturing and global sales & marketing of radio modems for wireless data communication and alarm transfer. We are one of the leading suppliers in the world, operating worldwide through our wide distribution network. Every SATEL radio modem is designed and manufactured in Finland and fulfills the RoHS requirements.

Cornerstones of SATEL’s success are the experienced personnel, high quality products, innovativeness, effectiveness, service level and customer needs driven focus on everything we do. Consequently, SATEL possesses the world’s widest selection of products in its field. Through impeccable quality control, vigilant product development and dedicated customer service, we have been able to establish a firm position in the market.

SATEL Products Ensure Reliable Data Transfer
The SATEL radio modems are used for a multitude of applications in numerous sectors of our every day life. The security applications, for example, extend from extensive surveillance systems used to protect private or public property against crime. Radio modems are also used for a number of remote control applications, including haulage trucks in mines and snow guns on skiing slopes.

Because of the diversity of the applications, SATEL has adapted the policy of providing every product with a reasonable number of parallel versions. Our mission is to help our customers solve their local area data communication problems. This is why we are always open to the response and wishes from our customers.