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Radiall was founded in 1952 as a family-owned company making coaxial plugs for the television industry. Today, Radiall is an international and global manufacturer of interconnect components including RF coaxial connectors and cable assemblies, antennas, fibre optic and microwave components, and multipin connectors. Radiall serves the Aerospace, Automotive, Defense, Industrial, Medical, Space, and Telecommunication industries.

The innovating solutions integrator for today and for tomorrow.
Our expertise in interconnect technologies and our intimate market knowledge establish us as a key player in the industries we serve.

“Be the best and work for the best”, Pierre GATTAZ, CEO

Worldwide engineering & manufacturing capability.
With expertise centres and manufacturing locations on 3 continents and 12 industrial sites, Radiall offers its customers the proximity needed to provide the best quality, service and delivery performance.
Our facilities feature state of the art equipment for the many technologies involved in the design, manufacturing and assembly of interconnect solutions. Manufacturing plants based in low-cost countries give Radiall the opportunity to offer quality at competitive prices.

Radiall Product Line Brochure 2021

RF Connectors

  • A comprehensive range of RF connectors up to 100 GHz
  • All standard series: SMA, SMP, SMPM, N, TNC, SMB, SMC, SSMC, MMCX, MCX, BNC
  • Blind mate: SMP, SMPM, SMPW, BMA
  • High-frequency precision connectors for test: 2.4 mm, SMA 2.9, TNC18
  • High-power antenna, low PIM connectors: NEX10, 4.3-10, 4.1-9.5, 7-16
  • High voltage connectors: BNC HV/MHV, HN, SHVLocking connectors: SMP-LOCK, SMB-LOCK, TNC Self-lock, SMA 2.9 Self-lock
  • MIL-PRF-39012 QPL connectors
  • Quick-Lock Formula (QLF) certified QMA and QN, and ruggedized version QRE
  • RF Board-to-Board interconnects: SMP-MAX, IMP-MAX, POWER-MAX, IMP, MMBX
  • Switching connectors: Moebius, MC-Card, SMA, QN
  • Waterproof, stainless steel, lightweight, hermetic and nonmagnetic connectors available

Space Qualified Components

  • A comprehensive range of space-qualified coaxial components up to 50 GHz
  • Large connector interface selection: SMP, SMP-LOCK, 2.4 mm, SMA, SMA 2.9, TNC and Very High Power TNC
  • Various products are available for RF transmission in space including switches, connectors, attenuators,
    loads, semi-rigid and low loss flexible cable assemblies, couplers, dividers and phase shifters

RF & Microwave Components

  • A comprehensive range of components up to 50 GHz
  • Type N, BNC, TNC, SMA, SMA 3.5, SMA 2.9, 2.4 mm
  • Medium and high power terminations and attenuators up to 6 GHz and 1 kW
  • Power dividers/combiners up to 26.5 GHz
  • Rotary joints, phase shifters
  • Low PIM models
  • Microwave filters

RF Coaxial Adapters

  • Large selection of in-series and between-series
  • 50 and 75 Ohm
  • Push-on and quick-disconnect models for production test
  • Precision adapters for test lab
  • Many configurations available: straight, bulkhead, flange mount, press in, right angle, sealed, hermetic

RF Cable Assemblies

Standard Cable Assemblies

Proprietary Cable Assemblies

  • Short-bend
  • SHF Ultra Low Loss
    • Loss optimized up to 67 GHz
    • Phase matching option
    • Armoured, lightweight and airframe versions
  • Custom cable assemblies and lengths are available

RF & Microwave Switches

  • High-reliability RAMSES patented modular technology
  • More than 10 million cycles
  • Frequency range up to 50 GHz
  • A comprehensive range of SPDT, DPDT, DP3T, SPnT (1×3 through 1×12)
  • Terminated and unterminated versions
  • Smallest subminiature SPnT series
  • TVAC switches (Thermal Vacuum) for ground segment application
  • High-performance titanium and platinum switches with long life

Testpro Cable Assemblies

  • VNA TestPro grade 40, 50 and 67 GHz
  • Lab TestPro grade 18, 26.5, 40, 50 and 67 GHz
  • Low Loss TestPro
  • 5,000 mating/unmating life cycles
  • Flex life: over 50,000 flex cycles per MIL IEC966-1
  • Phase and loss stability for long calibration intervals


  • Manpack, vehicle and handheld radios
  • UAV/UGV2 and other sensors
  • Airborne, onboard and external
  • Antenna frequency: 30 MHz and up
  • Single, dual and multi-band, external or embedded
  • Active and passive GPS (L1 and L1/L2)
  • Overmolded, whip, patch printed
  • N-type, TNC, SMA and speciality connectors

Optical Interconnect Solutions

Harsh Environment

  • Test Ruggedized FO contacts: LuxCis®
  • ARINC 801/EN4639-101 with its expandable range of rectangular and circular connectors
  • ABS1379/EN4531-101 optical contacts
  • High-density MT-based interconnects for harsh environments: C-MTitan™ and Q-MTitan™ ARINC 846
  • Various Expanded Beam solutions:
  • ExoBeam™ tactical cable assemblies, EB-LuxCis®
  • Ruggedized simplex and duplex LC, SC and ST connectors

Full Cable Assemblies and Harnesses

  • Simplex and multichannel assemblies designed by Radiall or built-to-print
  • Synergy with active optics from D-Lightsys®
  • Fibre management accessories
  • Field kits, test and maintenance solutions and training

Outdoor Interconnections

  • OCTIS™: robust I/O solution for outdoor small cell and next-generation RRU/RRH
    • Lightning and EMI protection
    • SFP/SFP+ transceiver integration, RJ45 for CAT 5E or CAT 6 Ethernet signal, power (AC/DC), signal, hybrid of power and signal
  • R2CT®: flexible outdoor solution for FTTA and wireless telecom applications
  • RXF: two and four-channel outdoor optical connector
  • OPUS: push-pull compact solution for fibre optic and coaxial outdoor links
Radiall Outdoor Range

Banana Plugs

  • 2 mm, 4 mm and adapters
  • Excellent electrical conductivity
  • Very low contact resistance
  • Robust contact point pressure when connected
  • Outstanding durability for high number of mating cycles

Active Optics

  • Complete range of high-performance optoelectronic Active Optics by D-Lightsys®
  • Fully qualified for harsh environments: DO-160; MIL-STD; ARINC 804
  • Smallest form factor for single-channel and multichannel modules (6.5 mm2/ch/Gbps)
  • Lowest power consumption (<50 mW/ch Gbps)
  • Protocol independent and large bandwidth per channel (from DC to 10 Gbps)
  • Various packages and form factors available (LCC, Socketed, SFF, others)
  • Flying since 2007

Multipin Industrial Connectors

For use in railway and other industrial applications

Circular Connectors Derived from MIL-STD-5015 VG95234

KVBSRF KVBSThermoplastic insert. Insulation
according to NFF 61030
CVBRF CVBReverse bayonet, faster coupling and
CVBSRF CVBSBayonet protected by stainless steel
stud, heavy-duty
CVBRRF CVBRCoupling nut with roller-stud, higher
number of mating cycles
GVJRF GVJReverse bayonet, oversized shell, more
CVSRF CVSThreaded connectors
CTRF CTReverse bayonet derived from
MIL-C-26482 Series 1

Modular Connectors

GMModular connectors system
GMMModules are available for many different applications:
Ethernet data, RF coaxial, fibre optic, power, signals up to 14 wires
GMHModular connectors system with handle

Data Transmission Connectors

  • Bayonet Ethernet connector, vibration and shock-resistant
  • Materials and finishes compliant with the requirements for railway applications
EVBS C7RF EVBS C7Ruggedized CAT 7, CAT 6A data connectors
EVBSRF EVBSRuggedized CAT 5, CAT 5E and CAT 6 data connectors
Radiall Data Transmission Connectors

ATEX Connectors

  • Can be used in hazardous and potentially explosive environments
  • Oil and gas, mining and power plant industries
  • Certification: 94/9/EC ATEX directive
CVBEXExplosion-proof bayonet connector according to EN
60079-0/-1 and EN 61241-0 / -1