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Pasternack Enterprises

Pasternack Enterprises is an industry leader in RF cable assemblies, adapters and connectors since 1972. Pasternack is an ISO 9001:2008 certified manufacturer and global supplier of RF and microwave components and cable assemblies. Pasternack offers off-the-shelf availability and same-day shipping of the industry’s broadest selection of quality RF and microwave components. With the ability to build custom coaxial cable assemblies and ship them the same day, Pasternack is a great source for all your RF and microwave product needs.


rf-adapters antennas rf-amplifiers
RF Adaptors Antennas RF Amplifiers
rf-attenuators bias-tees cable-assemblies
RF Attenuators Bias Tees RF Cable Assemblies
rf-cables rf-connectors rf-couplers
RF Cables RF Connectors RF Couplers
dc-blocks rf-detectors rf-filters
DC Blocks RF Detectors RF Filters
frequency-multipliers isolators-and-circulators rf-limiters
Frequency Multipliers Isolators and Circulators RF Limiters
matching-pads rf-mixers rf-noise-sources
Matching Pads RF Mixers RF Noise Sources
rf-phase-shifters rf-phase-trimmers power-dividers
RF Phase Shifters Phase Trimmers Power Dividers
rf-surge-protection rf-switches coaxial-rf-terminations
RF Surge Protection RF Switches RF Terminations
 rf-test-and-measurement  rf-connector-tools  waveguides
RF Test and Measurement RF Tools  Waveguides