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L-com is a leading U.S. manufacturer of Ethernet cable, coaxial cable, data cable, coaxial connectors, adapters, WiFi booster and HyperLink antenna products. In stock items ship the same day and L-com has experience designing custom products such as: cable assemblies, connectors, adaptors, WiFi amplifiers, WiFi antenna and NEMA enclosures.

L-com is also the recipient of the Stevie Award for customer service, and are your “one stop source” for all wired and wireless connectivity product needs.


L-Com-Categories-Connectors L-Com-Categories-WiFiAntennas L-Com-Categories-Adaptors
Connectors WiFi Antennas Adaptors
L-Com-Categories-SurgeProtectors L-Com-Categories-HyperlinkWireless L-Com-Categories-RFsplitters&RFfilters
Surge Protectors HyperLink Wireless RF Splitters and RF Filters
L-Com-Categories-EthernetSwitchers L-Com-Categories-WirelessLANamplifiers L-Com-Categories-EthernetMediaConverter
Ethernet Switches Wireless LAN Amplifiers Ethernet Media Converters
L-Com-Categories-NEMAenclosures L-Com-Categories-DataCables L-Com-Categories-DSubminiature
NEMA Enclosures Data Cables D-Subminiature
L-Com-Categories-PatchPanelsServerRacks L-Com-Categories-BulkCable L-Com-Categories-PoEdevices
Patch Panels Bulk Cable Power over Ethernet
L-Com-Categories-SwitchBoxes L-Com-Categories-CrimpTools L-Com-Categories-WirelessAccess
Switch Boxes Cable Cutters/Crimp Tools Wireless Access Points