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Calibration and Test Kits

1 Watt Calibrated Attenuator Set

Radiall offers a high quality 1 Watt Calibrated Attenator Kit R-414799-125, N Connectors, DC to 18 GHz, 3, 6, 10 and 20 dB, boxed, complete with a certificate of calibration qualifying both Attenaution and VSWR values from DCT to 18 GHz in 1 GHz Steps.

Calibrated Attenuator Kit 0.1MB

VNA Test Cable Set

Pasternack PE310-KIT VNA Test Cable Set, flexible pair of test cables, 50 Ohm, DC to 26.5GHz, End A 3.5mm NMD Connector, End B interchangeable Connector heads configurable for DUT applications that require Precision 7mm(PC-7), N, 3.5mm, SMA or 2.92mm Connectors.


3.5mm, 26.5GHZ, VNA Calibration Kit

Pasternack’s 3.5mm Standard Calibration kit (PE5500-KIT)  is designed for use with a broad range of vector network analyzers (VNAs) that utilize a Short-Open-Load calibration technique.  With this kit you can make error-corrected measurements of devices supplied with either 3.5mm or SMA connectors from DC to 26.5 GHz.  This kit contains both Male (Plug) and Female (Jack) connector interfaces to perform full Two-Port error corrections.

Features include:  Broad VNA Coverage, including Agilent & Anritsu, Open, Short, Fixed Broadband Load Configurations,  DC to 26.5 GHz &  In-Series Phase Matched Adapters available.


Type N, 18GHz VNA Calibration Kit

Pasternack’s  vector network analyzer calibration kit with N-Type connectors (PE5501-KIT) is designed to calibrate a broad range of VNA models.  VNA

calibration kit is designed for equipment that utilizes a short open load calibration technique.  With this N type vector network analyzer calibration kit, you can make error corrected measurements of test devices supplied with N type connectors from DC to 18 GHz.

The Pasternack vector network analyzer calibration kit contains both male plug and female jack N connector interfaces.  Using this VNA calibration kit from Pasternack Enterprises you can perform full two port error corrections.

Vector Network Analyzer Calibration Kit Features: Broad VNA Coverage, Including Agilent & Anritsu, Open, Short, Fixed Broadband Load Configurations, DC to 18 GHz VNA Calibration Kit Range with In-Series Phase Matched Adapters available.

Open & Short Circuits

Pasternack has an excellent range of Male and Female Open Circuits together with a selection of Male and female Short circuits for test applications.

RF Testing & Calibration Accessories

In addition, as part of Pasternack’s off the shelf range, they offer broadband male and female test loads.

3 Port Field Calibration Tool

Pasternack’s  3 port calibration tool can make error corrected measurements of devices supplied with 3.5mm connectors.  Also called “Bones”, this calibration tool is very effective when needing to make instrument calibrations.  Pasternack 3.5mm female 3 port calibration tool is great for the field because it is lightweight and portable.

Our 3 port tool for calibration has female (jack) connector interfaces to perform short, open, and load measurements on the device you are evaluating.  PE5510 calibrator tool for the field is fully compatible with Anritsu SiteMaster™ analyzer and other handheld cable and antenna analyzers.

PE5510 – 3.5mm Female, DC to 26.5 GHz
PE5511 – 3.5mm Male, DC to 26.5 GHz
PE5512 – N Female, 50 Ohms, DC to 6 GHz
PE5513 – N Male, 50 Ohms, DC to 6 GHz
PE5514 – 7/16 Female, 50 Ohm, DC to 6 GHz
PE5515 – 7/16 Male, 50 Ohms, DC to 6 GHz