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Astro Tool Corporation

Rojone is pleased to represent one of the US’s leading connector service & assembly tooling companys, Astro Tool Corporation.

Astro Tool’s huge range covers varied connector types from Military Circular 5015, D38999 Series, Mil-C-26482, 26500, 26636 to Mil-C-81511 Series to Rectangular connectors ARINC for Aerospace & Defense applications through to computer applications such as D Sub, Fiber Optic as well as specialised tooling specifically for medical applications.

Astro Tool offers a tool suitable for just about any MIL-C39029 Contact on the market today.

Astro Tooling Guide 14MB

Astro Crimp Tools 3-26 4MB
General Crimping information
Turret & Positioner Charts for M22520/1-01, /2-01 & /7-01
Heavy Duty Pneumatic Crimp Tools M22520/23-01
Other Indent Tools
Mil Spec Indent Crimp Tool Selection Charts
Pneumatic Indent Crimp Tools

Astro Medical Crimp Tools 4MB

Astro Special Purpose Crimp Tools 0.5MB

Astro C Frame Die Crimp Tools 2MB

Astro Tooling Kit 4MB

Astro Contact Insert-Extract Tooling 6MB
Contact Locking & Releasing Methods
Insertion & Removal Tool Selection Guide
By Contact Manufacture
By Military Standard
Plastic Insertion & Removal Tool Selection Chart
Special Service Tools for connectors
MIL-I-81969 Cross Reference Chart
Insertion & Remover Tool Illustrations

Times LMR Installation Tooling

Uniquely designed for the Times Microwave LMR Series of cable and connectors, Rojone is proud to stock the majority of tooling in Australia.

Crimp and Strip Tools 1MB

Wrenches, Deburr, Cutter and Tool Kits  1MB

Low Cost Crimp Coaxial RG cables Tool Kit – Rojone’s API-HT-330K
Handy kit to have around!

Radiall Tooling Selection

Radiall compliments its extensive connector range with a full suite of tooling such as Stripping Tools, Pointer Gauges, Solder & Assembly Tools, Installation Tools, Tool kits for Semi-rigid & flexible cables, crimp tools, torque wrenches, insertion & extraction tools & accessories.

Radiall Tooling Catalogue 2.5 MB

Radiall’s most popular range of Radiall Torque Wrenches R282
SMA Torque Wrench 8mm 80 to 120NCM – Suitable for Stainless Steel Body Connectors  R-282320
SMA Torque Wrench 8mm 55 to 65 NCM – Suitable for Brass Body connectors R-282320-030
SMA 2.9 K Connector Torque Wrench 6.5mm 80 to 120 NCM R-282323


Range of tooling & systems

Automatic Cable Tying System

Application Tooling for Cable Ties

Application Tooling for Heat Shrinkable Tubing

Application Tooling for Non Shrinkable Tubing

Application Tooling for Identification

Application Tooling for Snappers