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Radiall R2CT Connection Kit

The Radiall R2CT connection kit is an innovative modular concept ideal for Telecommunications OEMS & operations for fiber to the antenna (FTTA) and similar multisignal applications.

At the panel front of the remote radio head & unit, the R2CT provides a simple & protected low cost waterproof and sealed connection cable to transceiver interface. The R2CT has been designed for optical systems using SFP transceivers & duplex LC terminated fibre optic cable, particularly adapted for harsh outdoor environmental conditions.

The kit assembles in the field over existing indoor optical patch cords. It is compatible with any standard optical LC field cable assembly as well as Ethernet RJ-45 patch cords and USB connections. Radiall have just licensed Amphelo as a second source for the R2CT product series to assist with the global acceptance of this new system.