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Category 5e, 100 Ohm

100 MHz Data Transmission Cables

The basic solution is a complete line of high-performance 100 Ohm cables, conforming to Category 5e in accordance with TIA/EIA-568-C, ISO/IEC 11801, IEC 61156-5, IEC 61156-6 and CENELEC prEN 50288, supporting CLASS D (new) Links.

The product range includes Horizontal, Working area (Patch) and Backbone Cables, available in a wide range of constructions, including U/UTP, F/UTP, SF/UTP and S/FTP.

All cables are available with PVC, PU (Polyurethane), PE (Polyethylene) and FR-LSZH (Flame Retardant Low Smoke Zero Halogen) jackets, in single or “Siamese twin” (FIG-8), multi-cable, or multi-core constructions.

Category 5e Data Transmission Cables

Part NumberProduct DescriptionComputer & LAN ApplicationsOuter Jacket MaterialOuter Diameter (mm nom.)
4T00080101Cat. 5e 4x2x24/1 AWG U/F/UTP + 17 AWG CCS Fig-8 Double Jacket Outdoor UL1581-VW1/CMX Jacket Outdoor UL1581-VW1/CMXOutdoor installationsUV resistant FR-PVC7.9
8393204xxxCat. 5e 4x2x24/1 AWG F/UTP Outdoor PVC/PVC UL (1581 VW 1) (UL) LISTED E211498Outdoor installationsUV resistant FR-PVC7.9
7272604xxxCat. 5e 4x2x26/7 AWG Work Area U/UTP PVCIndoor use, fixed or portable installationsFR-PVC4.9
8272626xxxCat. 5e 4x2x26/7 AWG F/UTP Work Area PVCWork area cablingFR-PVC5.70
9292604xxxCat. 5 4x2x26/7 AWG SF/UTP Work Area PVCWork area cablingFR-PVC5.3
7562004xxxCat. 5e 4x2x24/1 AWG U/UTP PVCIndoor use, fixed installationsFR-PVC5.0
7568204xxxCat. 5e 2x(4x2x24/1 AWG) FIG-8 U/UTP PVC P Fig-8Indoor use, fixed installationsFR-PVC5.1
8371204xxxCat. 5e 4x2x24/1 AWG F/UTP PVCIndoor use, fixed installationsFR-PVC6.1
8391304xxxCat. 5e 4x2x24/1 AWG F/UTP Outdoor Low Temperatures PVCIndoor/Outdoor use, fixed installationsUV resistant
8371804xxxCat. 5e 2x(4x2x24/1 AWG) FIG-8 F/UTP PVC TrunkingFR-PVC6.1
8371406xxxCat. 5e 6x(4x2x24 AWG F/UTP) Multi-Cable PVCIndoor use, fixed installationsFR-PVC20
8371412xxxCat. 5e 12x(4x2x24 AWG F/UTP) Multi-Cable PVCIndoor use, fixed installationsFR-PVC27.6
8371425xxxCat. 5 25x(4x2x24 AWG F/UTP) Multi-Cable PVCTrunk Cable for Local Area NetworksFR-PVC35.5
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