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Data Line Surge Protectors

Times Microwave Systems has recently introduced a new range of Data Line Surge Protectors. These products offer a unmatched level of data integrity and over-voltage protection, the LP-DOE-1G, LP-POE-1G and LP-PAE-100 Data Line surge protection devices are the newest additions to the Times-Protect® product family. Proprietary circuitry results in surge let-through voltage on data lines of less than 20V peak at 3kA 8x20uS surge test current and less than 10V peak at 100A 10x1000uS surge test current, while complying with extended RFC2544 test methods for data integrity. These extremely difficult tests are conducted on two protection devices separated by 100 meters of Cat 5e cable over a broad temperature range measuring these parameters:
LP-Data Series

  • Throughput
  • Latency Packet Jitter
  • Frame Loss
  • Back to Back
  • Items available:

    • LP-DOE-1G 1000 BASE-T ETHERNET DATA ONLY – 1000 Base-T / Indoor application with all data pin protected to chassis ground
    • LP-POE-1G 1000 BASE-T POWER OVER ETHERNET – Power Over Ethernet, 1000 Base-T with up to 60Vdc injector. All pin pairs protected to chassis ground
    • LP-PAE-100 100 BASE-T POWER AND ETHERNET – 00 Base-T with all pins protected to ground. Data pin pairs are (1-2) (3-6) and DC pin pairs are (4-5) (7-8)

    The RFC2544 test results for each of these outstanding devices are available for download on the Times Microwave Systems website.
    Enhanced RFC 2544 Test

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