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Category 7A, 100 Ohm

1000 MHZ Data Transmission Cables

Giga-Ten Solution cables are a complete line of horizontal and work area data-transmission cables, designed for state-of-the-art cabling systems including IEEE 802.3ae, ISO/IEC 11801 otherwise known as 10 GBaseT.

These cables are tested up to 1200 MHz, and are fully compatible with the ISO/IEC 11801, IEC 61156-5, and IEC 61156-6 with the highest coupling attenuation level Type I, which makes the application to be defined as “Alien Crosstalk proven by design”.

Giga-Ten Solution cables come in S/FTP shielding structure where very high NEXT and FEXT values and outstanding EMC performance are achieved.

Giga-Ten Solution cables have Coupling Attenuation complying with Type I requirements as per IEC 61156 therefor the AXT requirements are achieved by design, and feature high values of PS-ACR and PS-ELFEXT attenuations together with a stable 100 Ohm characteristic impedance ensuring high Return-Loss attenuation, making them ideal for very high bandwidth applications as 10 GBase-T.

Giga-Ten horizontal and work area cables are compatible with shielded RJ45 connecting hardware, allowing use in variety of communication application including Video Over Ethernet and IEEE 802.3af (Power over Ethernet) and IEEE 802.3at (Power over Ethernet Plus).

The cables are available with a FR-PVC or Flame Retardant Low-Smoke Zero-Halogen (FR-LSZH \ HFFR) jacket and in single or “Siamese twin” (FIG-8) constructions.

Category 7A Data Transmission Cables

Part NumberProduct DescriptionComputer & LAN ApplicationsOuter Jacket MaterialOuter Diameter (mm nom.)
992G244xxxCat. 7A 4x2x26/7 AWG S/FTP Work Area FR-LSZHHigh bandwidth digital applications with low BERFR-LSZH6.3
99XG504xxxCat. 7A 4x2x23/1 AWG S/FTP FRLSZHData-Centers/SANsFR-LSZH8.1
99XG508xxxCat. 7A 2x(4x2x23/1 AWG) FIG-8 S/FTP FR-LZSHData-Centers/SANsFR-LSZH8.1
99XG254xxxCat. 7A 4x2x22/1 AWG S/FTP FRLSZHIndoor use, fixed installationsFR-LSZH8.7
99XG258xxxCat. 7A 2x(4x2x22/1 AWG) FIG-8 S/FTP FR-LSZHIndoor BackboneFR-LSZH8.7
99XG524xxxCat. 7A 4x2x23/1 AWG S/FTP ND FR-LSZH IEC60332-3Indoor use, fixed installationsFR-LSZH8.4
99XG954xxxCat. 7A 4x2x22/1 AWG S/FTP OUTDOOR PVCOutdoor installationsUV resistant FR-PVC10.4
99XGM07xxxCat. 7A 7x(4x2x23/1 AWG) S/FTP) Multi-Cable FR-LSZHIndoor BackboneFR-LSZH27.5
99XGM12xxxCat. 7A 12x(4x2x23/1 AWG) S/FTP) Multi-Cable FR-LSZHIndoor BackboneFR-LSZH35
99XG544xxxCat. 7A 4x2x23/1 AWG S/FTP FRLSZHData-Centers/SANsFR-LSZH8.0
99XG548xxxCat. 7A 2x(4x2x23/1 AWG) FIG-8 S/FTP FR-LZSHData-Centers/SANsFR-LSZH
99XG854xxxCat. 7A 4x2x23/1 AWG S/FTP FRLSZH/PVCData-Centers/SANsFR-PVC10.4
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