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Category 7, 100 Ohm

600 MHz Data Transmission Cables

The GIGA-DOR Solution is a complete line of high-performance Cat. 7 horizontal and work area data cables, designed for CLASS F links and for advanced high data-rate networks, available in a wide range of constructions.

GIGA-DOR Solution cables conform to the ISO/IEC 11801 requirements for Cat. 7 cables as specified in IEC 61156-5 and 61156-6. These cables are composed of balanced twisted pairs having a nominal 100 Ohm characteristic impedance up to 600 MHz, with a very high NEXT loss.

The high NEXT loss, achieved by individual aluminium foil pair shields, provides a typical margin of 60 dB ACR over U/UTP cables, making GIGA-Solution cables ideal for multiple high-frequency services.

GIGA-DOR & GIGA-DOR Jr. S/FTP horizontal cables and GIGA-Patch 4 pair S/FTP 26 AWG work area (patch) cables are overall shielded with a tin-coated copper braid. When properly grounded, this copper braid and the individual aluminium foil shields provide exceptional EMC performance, having a minimum coupling attenuation of 90 dB.

All cables are available with flame-retardant PVC or halogen-free (HFFR) jackets, in a range of colors, in single or “Siamese” twin (FIG-8) constructions.

Category 7 Data Transmission Cables

Part NumberProduct DescriptionComputer & LAN ApplicationsOuter Jacket MaterialOuter Jacket Material (mm nom.)
9928244xxxCat. 7 4x2x26/7 AWG S/FTP Work Area FR-LSZHHigh data ratesFR-LSZH6.4
9928264xxxCat. 7 4x2x26/7 AWG S/FTP Work Area PUOutdoor installationsPU6.5
9928312xxxCat. 7 12x(4x2x26/7 AWG S/FTP) Multi-Cable Work Area FR-LSZHIndoor BackboneFR-LSZH27.8
9827A54xxxCat. 7 4x2x23/1 AWG F/FTP FRLSZHIndoor use, fixed installationsFR-LSZH7.4
9928675xxxCat. 7 1000 MHz 4x2x23/1 AWG S/FTP FR-LSZHIndoor use, fixed installationsFR-LSZH7.5
9928654xxxCat. 7 4x2x23/1 AWG S/FTP FRLSZHData-Centers/SANsFR-LSZH8.0
9928554xxxCat. 7 4x2x22/1 AWG S/FTP FRLSZHIndoor use, fixed installationsFR-LSZH8.2
9928692xxxCat. 7 2x(4x2x23/1 AWG) FIG-8 S/FTP FR-LSZHData-Centers/SANsFR-LSZH8.0
9928604xxxCat. 7 4x2x23/1 AWG S/FTP FR-PVCIndoor use, fixed installationsFR-PVC7.8
9928659xxxCat. 7 4x2x23/1 AWG S/FTP CSA Direct Burial PEOutdoor and direct burial installationsPE12.0
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