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Times Microwave

Times Microwave offers connectors to suit their specialised cables such as the LMR range and unique high performance connectors. LMR 100 Connectors LMR 195 Connectors LMR 200 Connectors LMR 240 Connectors LMR 300 Connectors LMR 400 Connectors LMR 500 Connectors LMR 600 Connectors LMR 900 Connectors LMR 1200 Connectors LMR 1700 Connectors

Times High Performance Connector Products

Times Microwave provide high reliability Hermetic Microwave Feedthru’s, SMA, N & TNC configurations, featuring extreme high power capability, VSWR 1.15:1 @ 18GHz. Available in a wide range of shell materials including Stainless, cupro-nickel, Inconel and other ferrous & non ferrous alloys. Times has just released a new range Heli-Foil™. This is a new range of high performance low loss coaxial cables offering ultra-stable insertion loss, phase & VSWR on flexing. Uniquely this cable has been released with an excellent range of DC to 18GHz, bulk SMA, N & TNC connectors for self-assembly.

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