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Unique & Exciting New Fibre Optic Products

Rojone presents unique & exciting new Fibre Optic products for ruggedised IP rated Outdoor Field Installable dust & waterproofing ideal for FTTA (Fibre to the Antenna) applications.


  R2CT(3)  R2CT(2)

R2CT Series by Radiall™ – Bayonet coupling, outdoor, IP65 & IP67 rated, field installable waterproofing Solution for fibre to antenna & Multi-signal applications in the field. Low cost waterproof sealing for LC terminated fibre optic cables, RJ45 & USB electrical connections.

R2CT Environmental System (1.92MB)

R2CT Connector Solution (video)

OSIS  Series by Radiall™ is a high density/stackable, push pull, one step quick locking system again for outdoor interconnection applications. Water & Dust proofing solution IP67 for LC terminated fibre optic cable, accommodates transceiver position toll in x, y & z axis, direct plug into SFP modules.

OSIS Fibre Optic Environmental System (1.85MB)

OSIS Connector Solution (video)

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