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4.3-10 Connector Series

Rojone Pty Ltd introduces the new 4.3-10 Connector series. Designed for major telecom equipment manufacturers, the 4.3-10 series is small and lightweight, features high performance/low intermodulation, and is suitable for both indoor and outdoor applications.
Lightweight 4.3-10 connectors offer these key features and performance characteristics:

  • 30% smaller and 60% lighter than the comparable 7/16 square flange jack receptacle
  • RF power up to 500 W @ 2 GHz
  • Low intermodulation
  • Frequency range: DC to 6GHz
  • Meets IP68 Requirements
  • Available in Screw, Hand Screw and Push-Pull formats

Importantly, on the 4.3-10, electrical & mechanical reference planes are separated with the ground contact sliding. Intermodulation performance is not linked to the installation torque – the contact pressure is a function of the contact design.

4.3-10 Connectors

4.3-10 Connectors

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