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High Performance Lightning Protectors with TNC interface

The Times-Protect® LP-GPX-05 high performance lightning protector series has been expanded with the availability of a TNC interface.  These exceptional DC pass designs protect GPS receivers requiring up to 5Vdc power to be supplied on the center pin for L1, L2 and L3 bands.

While the RF path is DC blocked, the biased DC voltage protection circuit uses state-of-the-art solid state protection technology to provide unsurpassed surge performance.

The bidirectional filter based LP-GPX-05 protector with either a type N, TNC or SMA interface exhibits excellent insertion loss and return loss characteristics from 1000 to 2000 MHz.

The white bronze plating on the LP-GPX-05 protector eliminates potential galvanic corrosion issues and provides long life in hostile environments. The fully weatherised housing is rated to IP65 allowing for outdoor installations.

Times-Protect® GPX-05 surge arrestors available are:

  • LP-GPX-05-SFF  (Bidirectional design, SMA Female/SMA Female)
  • LP-GPX-05-SFM  (Bidirectional design, SMA Female/SMA Male)
  • LP-GPX-05-NFF  (Bidirectional design, N Female/ N Female)
  • LP-GPX-05-NFM  (Bidirectional design, N Female/N Male)
  • LP-GPX-05-TNC  (Bidirectional design, TNC Female/ TNC Female)
  • LP-GPX-05-TNC  (Bidirectional design, TNC Female/TNC Male)


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